Conservative Split

This bizarre conversation between libertarian financier (now turned radio talk-show host after his failed run for elected office) Peter Schiff and the utterly vile Dick Morris (who Lawrence O’Donnell wickedly described as being, “A desperate guy who’s public record with prostitutes makes him unemployable anywhere else”) is perhaps indicative of some of the deep fissures that can be expected to materialize between various factions of the right-wing in America as 2012 election fever ramps up.

I wonder if anyone on Fox News will take their sleazebag contributor to task over his truly remarkable contention (before he abruptly hung up on Schiff) that “every high school student should be drug tested” in order to more effectively wage the hapless “War on Drugs” in America. This, from someone who pretends to advocate “small government” and incessantly rails against its obnoxious intrusion into people’s lives (at least, under the allegedly “socialist” Obama administration).

It’s truly an inexplicable contradiction, but sadly one that’s not at all uncommon amongst faux “conservatives” of the right-wing, as evidenced by the irrational proclivity of these cynical miscreants to zealously advance restrictive legislation concerning gay marriage, abortion, and any number of other social matters that impinge on the rights of others.

I’ve got no problem with conservative libertarians like Schiff, the folks at the CATO Institute, and the Ron Pauls of the world (even though I may vehemently disagree with them in many respects) because at least they’re somewhat consistent in their ideological convictions. By contrast, unprincipled mercenary hacks like Morris are little more than bottom-feeding scum that shamelessly pander to the lowest common denominators and most idiotic elements of the American polity.


24 Replies to “Conservative Split”

  1. Mr. Duck.

    Where did you get any hatred for the USA in this post? Dick Morris is not the USA.

    I assume there is a mistake with your name though. Judging from your comment, I think it is meant to be “Daffy” and not “Donald”.

  2. It’s interesting, but while I continue to consider myself a conservative, the fact is that the most offensive public examples of rank stupidity and vile intollerance come from withint the broad “conservative” tent.

    While from time to time someone like Keith Olbermann or Bill Maher may say something offensive or stupid, to be REAAAAALLLLY offensive, you know, like picketing the funeral of a slain soldier, you will typically find that inside the conservative tent.

    And, while we’re at it, is there anyone MORE conservative than the Taliban?


    Point taken, perhaps, but at the same time, suggesting that all conservatives share a similar belief system and should be colored with the same brush is difficult to do unless you are also willing to suggest that we lump all Muslim believers into the same group as those who crash planes into buildings and who kill Christian politicians and drop flower petals upon the murderers.

  3. Rob: I really strive to differentiate between various factions that are broadly described as “conservative” in our political discourse. In fact, many of them I have no problem supporting or agreeing with on any number of issues — others however are little more than abhorrent, Christ-humping loons. It’s not hard to tell the difference between the two, although the Republican primary system seems to lead to them being conflated.

  4. Duck: Bar none, that is always the absolute lamest (appropriate given your name) criticism one can level against what is perceived to be a “liberal” commentary.

    Where you pick up that I hate the USA is beyond me.

    Now, there are others who comment here that do, in fact, loathe the United States, but they happen to be old-school Tories and rib-rock conservatives.

    Deal with it.

  5. Where you pick up that I hate the USA is beyond me.

    Which brings up an interesting question. Are dim dorks like Duck even faintly aware that the act of denouncing as “anti-American” a critique of idiocy is an implicit equation of idiocy with America and that this represents a deeply anti-American disposition?

  6. Well how can a country be free if you are unable to criticize it?

    There’s a question for Mr Duck though I suspect it’s a drive by troll?

    Red, have you seen “My Life Amongst the Ultrazionists”? It’s a Louis Theroux documentary aired about a month ago and its quite good. Strangely, it also gives a window in the mind of those evangelical nuts who become indentured servants on Kibbutzes. The attitude of the Israelis would be a good eye opener.

  7. SF: Heh. I hadn’t actually regarded it that way before, but you make an excellent point and I’m definitely going to draw on that keen observation in the future.


  8. S&S: No, I haven’t seen that one. But, having seen documentary reports about these folks through various channels, I suspect it would make me cringe in disgust and horror, just as much as it did with his immersion in the vile White Supremacist/Nazi community did.

    Kind of ironic, I guess, but that’s what happens when you start exploring the fringe elements of insane belief… there’s actually a lot of commonality in their deeply psychotic nonsense.

  9. Red:

    You’re very welcome! And I’m delighted to have quite accidentally provided so much insight through what was really meant as a glib pretext for some cheap, sub-Daily Mail alliteration… 🙂

  10. Ah yes, The Daily Mail… What a wondrous sewer of crank journalism and putrid filth that is.

    Years ago, Charlie Brooker wrote a wonderful skit for some show of his called “Daily Mail Island” (Google the videos… they’re great fun) where a group of hapless individuals were plunked onto a remote island with nothing to read but that publication…

    The result was a rapid devolution into manic paranoia and an insanely puritanical judicial system, the punishments of which were based on vindictive retribution and obscene humiliation. Also, one of them turned into a dog… Fred Bassett, actually.

  11. “Christ-humping loons.”

    You can say what you want in our western society about any faith except one.

    Theo van Gogh, Molly Norris

  12. ….and we’ll just ignore the fact that you willfully took a qualified comment to mean the whole, in contradiction to a certain god-given commandment, you christ-humping loon.


  13. ….and, christ on a pogo stick! don’t van gogh’s and miller’s own actions prove their statement false?! the fucking degree of disconnect with these people….


  14. Rotter: Ugh. That whole wha-wha nonsense about poor Christians being singled out for exceptional ridicule is so unbelievably wearisome.

    Look, I have posted pictures of Islam’s prophet humping an under-age girl (albeit in Lego form), I’ve taken issue with Buddhist sympathizers s that want to help recreate a medieval theocracy in Tibet and generally have no problem whatsoever expressing my contempt and politically incorrect disdain for all organized religions of any kind or denomination.

    So give your pantomime victimization a rest and spare it for some other gullible rube who might actually give a shit, okay?

  15. Peter Schiff is right about abolishing student loans. Student loans really do raise the cost of education.

  16. It’s an interesting and complex issue. He could be correct about that. However, given the present situation where many universities (especially in the USA) are charging upwards of $50,000 a year in tuition, what’s the alternative to student loans? Britain has a weird new system that I can’t fully comprehend.

  17. “I have posted pictures of Islam’s prophet humping an under-age girl (albeit in Lego form)”

    Try doing this in a magazine or a relevant web site.
    People have been hauled before a HRC in Canada for a lot less.

  18. I realize that I can safely fly under the radar on my little blog, but the principle is the same.

    I’m an advocate of complete free speech and fully supported Keith Martin’s private member’s motion (M-156), “That, in the opinion of the House, the government should hold public hearings as part of a review of the Canadian Human Rights Act, the Canadian Human Rights Commission and its tribunal.”

    Quite frankly, I have little time or patience for the HRC and its pettifogging nonsense.

  19. “I realize that I can safely fly under the radar on my little blog, but the principle is the same.”

    “Christ-humping loons.”
    You can say what you want in our western society about any faith except one.
    Theo van Gogh, Molly Norri

    As you said, as long as you fly under the radar.

  20. Unfortunately, there’s some truth to that, although nobody’s capped Pat Condell yet… so maybe your theory isn’t completely accurate.

  21. “isn’t completely accurate”

    it’s as accurate as “something will occur today”. what isn’t subject to scrutiny, afterall, other than that which goes unheard?


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