Temporarily Suspended from Hen House

Nice to see that Fox News is protecting its vaunted “fair and balanced” journalistic integrity by suspending the contracts of a couple of its many hired contributors that are now, or have indicated that they may possibly be, running to become the 2012 Republican nominee for President of the United States.

Surely, if nothing else, this absurd dilemma points out the fact that Fox News is little more than a free publicity machine for right-wing hacks, if not an egregious agit-prop wing of the Republican Party.

Oh by the way, when is that Sun TV News channel going to start up in Canada? You know, the one that’s going to provide “Hard News and Straight Talk”… Just thought of that for some odd reason.


10 Replies to “Foxes…”

  1. Palin and Huckebee will soon get the boot as well.
    Not sure what the big deal is, as they said Buchanan had to leave CNN to run in 1996.
    Your rant about Fox and Sun sounds like you are bitter that conservatives have a network that gives them a fair shake. Is it that you want the left to totally monopolize the television market. Why so afraid of another opinion? Let ideas flourish, and let the market decide through ratings. You do not have a monopoly on truth.

  2. “”Why so afraid….Let ideas flourish…. You do not have a monopoly on truth”

    are these kinds of false dilemmas really necessary? although, i guess you’d have no point to make without them….


  3. Your rant about Fox and Sun sounds like you are bitter that conservatives have a network that gives them a fair shake.

    No, it’s a 24/7 propaganda channel. Might as well be listening to Libyan State TV, it is as accurate or fair/balanced as FOXNews.

    Is it that you want the left to totally monopolize the television market.

    Oh this BULLSHIT again! I have yet to see any of you Reformatards provide one example of how Canadian media is left-biased. Please provide evidence.

    To counter, I just have to go back a couple of months ago when Ezra Levant was on CBC talking about his “Ethical Oil” book with two Conservatives and a supposedly neutral third panelist. Will SUNTV have David Suzuki on with two leftie panelists and a supposed neutral 3rd party? Ya, sure, right after the Leafs win the cup!

    By the way, Tom Flanagan back last spring on CBC’s Power & Politics (a regular on CBC I should add) already said that there is no left media bias on Canadian networks. He said it used to be true, but since Harper’s been in power that changed and the networks are all now favourable to the Conservatives.

    Why so afraid of another opinion? Let ideas flourish…

    Actually I agree with you here, and I welcome SunTV to the airwaves. They just better not be on a must-carry license …which the CRTC doesn’t give out anymore.

  4. Rotter: Since when does three sentences constitute “a rant”? Do words have NO meaning at all in Winuttia? Up is down, good is bad, Fox is “fair and balanced”, etc. Truly, it’s an Orwellian world you right-wing kooks live in.

  5. TofKW: I’m not a’feared of SunTV either. Like you, I welcome more voices in the discourse. If anything, I’d appreciate getting more Canadian material! I just couldn’t resist poking a bit of fun at our budding Fox News wannabe.

  6. Why we can’t allow the law about truth in news casts to be changed.

    “Stephen Colbert mocked Fox News on his program Thursday night, for showing misleading footage that purported to show violent union protests in Wisconsin.

    As Colbert noted, however, the footage that shows union protests getting heated also shows something that one normally wouldn’t find in Wisconsin: palm trees.

    “Shocking footage from Madison Wisconsin,” he said. “They’re not only bussing in people from out of state, they’re also bussing in palm trees.””

  7. Fox sometimes confuses “news” with stock footage that supports the argument they’re making at the time. Besides, who needs to worry about pesky details like “facts” and “reality” when you can just make shit up and come out a winner in the ratings. After all, the ratings don’t lie! Heck, that’s been Bill O’Reilly’s weirdly illogical mantra for years.

  8. If you do not like Foxnews, change the channel.
    Liberal media outlets like NBCCBSABCCBCPBSMSNBCCTVCNNNPR
    (I am sure I missed more), will provide plenty of entertainment.

  9. Rotter: You’re applying the wrong argument. That one works quite well for things like pornography or entertainment that may be regarded as offensive by some people However, when it comes to a channel that passes itself off as “News” then a different standard of criticism is involved.

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