A Beautiful Scam

This isn’t the first time Rachel Maddow has whaled on Newt Gingrich for his shady and downrightly unscrupulous fundraising tactics, but it’s delightful to see her now putting them in the context of his latest sham flirtation with running for president.

If anyone on planet Earth thinks that Newt Gringrich would invest a rusty nickel of his hard-scammed money in running for president, they seriously need to have their head examined.

Which begs the question as to why the media (both left and right) continues to give any degree of credence whatsoever to the notion of viability with respect to this philandering blowhard’s potential candidacy in 2012, not to mention their penchant for extending an open door policy when it comes to appearing on their talk shows, thereby affording him the opportunity to freely discharge his pretentious doublespeak to unwitting viewers – some of whom may actually mistake Newt for a seriously thoughtful person, rather than the venal, self-serving sack of bullshit that he most demonstrably is.



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4 responses to “A Beautiful Scam

  1. Rotterdam

    He reminds me of Jessie Jackson.

  2. Swing and a miss there, Rotter. Jackson did actually run for president. Also, I don’t think Jackson is involved in the almost “Nigerian” schemes that ol’ Newtie has been perpetrating.

  3. Rotterdam

    Actually, Jackson was a lot worse.
    Jackson is the master of the shakedown.

  4. Great supporting evidence there.

    I really could care less about Jackson — this post was about the Newtster.

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