Buckles Under

Okay, now that Jack Babcock and Frank Buckles, the sole Canadian and American “veterans” of the “Great War” (you know, the one that was supposed to end all wars) have finally passed away this month at the ripe old ages of 109 and 110, respectively, can we please for goodness sake, stop commemorating and romantically glorifying the gruesome loss of life that was made in WWI?

By any objective measure, that horrible war was one of the most monumentally futile, stupendously asinine conflicts in all of recorded human history and we should stop pretending that it was undertaken on the elevated moral auspices of “freedom” and “democracy” or whatever other platitudinous bullshit routinely gets inserted into Remembrance Day observances.

It’s perhaps no coincidence that all the “last survivors” of these ancient conflicts end up having been under-age volunteers, desperately eager to escape the insufferably monotonous lives that would otherwise awaited them on the farm and instead compelled them to enlist in the Army… Perhaps to make themselves feel “alive” somehow; ostensibly in pursuit of the same silly notions that we now solemnly venerate as irrefutably noble sentiments.