Fox News Lies

I’m not sure that it’s so much “hate” being expressed by the hecklers as merely a statement of fact. After all, it’s remarkably easy to produce hundreds of examples where Fox News (and not just their opinionated pundits, but so-called “straight reporters”) have been busted for peddling egregious falsehoods under the guise of news.

Funnily enough, while Fox reporter Mike Tobin claimed to have been hit (conveniently off camera as they switched to a view of the rotunda) and the anchor indignantly gripes about the lack of civility, protesters in the background are actually chanting “stay peaceful”… Later, he claims in an offhand manner that a protester threatened to break his neck (although no such thing can be heard on the tape).

Poor Fox… they are just so incredibly desperate to make these folks in Madison fit into their narrative of being hateful, rioting “goons” and “thugs” that they’ve actually resorted to… well, lying.

16 Replies to “Fox News Lies”

  1. And yet Fox has repeatedly been the most watched cable news network. Interesting, seeing as though they’re nothing but a bunch of liars, right?

    Poor wittle wiberal…So sad to see you folks fret over 2012. You must be so worried.

    You should be.

  2. The left hates Fox, because its the only network it does not control…..too bad. You are free to change the channel.

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  4. You have to wonder why people would be yelling out “stay peaceful” unless there were people who were not being peaceful.

  5. Is Fox news being targeted by the liberal left? The supporters of our state broadcaster on Lib blogs only defend the CBC.
    If the Fox product sucked it would fail. In the case the CBC ratings speak for themselves.
    The WI debate is giving local governments the right to control their budgets with their biggest line expense?

    The clip shows Union thugs interrupting his broadcast through yelling and placing signs in front of the camera. Is it possible a sign waving union thug were trying to block Fox news and hit him with a sign?

    Are you suggesting a producer who controls which camera is streaming would have ^NOT wanted that contact on the news?

  6. Indeed Shiner. We did have a nice little spot for a while as Red re-started his blog; and Tories, either disenchanted with the CPC or not, were having pleasant exchanges. Actually even with Grit supporters too, since RT was highlighting US and world politics more than the tripe coming out of Ottawa these days, so we were all in fairly general agreement on most issues.

    Now we have American idiot Terry-Teabagger here, who knows sweet fuck all about Canadian politics. And it seems our domestic teabagger-wannabees are crawling out from under their rocks now to defend their American cousin from the lunatic fringe.

    Well the it was nice while it lasted…

  7. “Now we have American idiot Terry-Teabagger here, who knows sweet fuck all about Canadian politics. ”

    If you are referring to Terrence, his comment applied to Fox News, not Canadian politics, as if it makes a difference. We all comment on American issues. Why be smug?

  8. I’m always amused by people who equate popularity with quality. The logic involved escapes me. By the same token it could be argued that more people read “Garfield” cartoons than have actually read Shakespeare, so clearly we can determine who the “winner” in that contest is…

    Look, Fox is fun to watch. It has great production values and interesting personalities who make provocative statements and take positions that appeal to… a certain demographic, but in terms of ratings (if you want to gauge things by that metric), it gets CRUSHED every single night by the mainstream networks.

    So, do you really want to argue on that basis?

  9. “it gets CRUSHED every single night by the mainstream networks.”
    If you are referring to Fox News, it should. Its a cable news network competes with MSNBC and CNN.
    I do not need to tell you the numbers of those three head to head. I am sure you already know.

    The Fox network on the other hand does compete with NBC CBS and ABC.

    They are not getting crushed. (I never watch any of those four)

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