Fox News Lies

I’m not sure that it’s so much “hate” being expressed by the hecklers as merely a statement of fact. After all, it’s remarkably easy to produce hundreds of examples where Fox News (and not just their opinionated pundits, but so-called “straight reporters”) have been busted for peddling egregious falsehoods under the guise of news.

Funnily enough, while Fox reporter Mike Tobin claimed to have been hit (conveniently off camera as they switched to a view of the rotunda) and the anchor indignantly gripes about the lack of civility, protesters in the background are actually chanting “stay peaceful”… Later, he claims in an offhand manner that a protester threatened to break his neck (although no such thing can be heard on the tape).

Poor Fox… they are just so incredibly desperate to make these folks in Madison fit into their narrative of being hateful, rioting “goons” and “thugs” that they’ve actually resorted to… well, lying.

Palin Withdrawal

Chris Matthews features a video from Funny or Die imagining how the effects of a “media blackout” on Sarah Palin during the month of February might have played out…

The folks at The Daily Caller were appalled that Tweety would promote a video with “sexist and derogatory attacks” on Palin, but evidently, they couldn’t resist posting it either, using the lame excuse of calling out Matthews as their vehicle to do so.