Mubarak Obama!

Look for that catchy epithet to rapidly spread like a noxious weed throughout Wingnuttia.

On a more substantive note, the assertion being made by Fox News contributor Monica Crowley is, quite simply, utter balderdash.

Government officials routinely elect not to enforce all manner of nonsensical and/or patently unconstitutional laws that happen to be on the books, but have yet to be formally struck down by the courts. It’s hardly something that rises to the level of being an impeachable offense. Which, given Crowley’s experience as a former Nixon acolyte, is something one might think she’d be quite familiar with…

Update: I had to replace the video from “The Daily Caller” (an ostensibly right-wing version of HuffPo fronted by former Moony Times staffers) because, for some inexplicable reason, they had withdrawn it. So, that’s the reason Larry’s take on the story is here instead.

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