Bark & Tofu

Comedian Rush Limbaugh attacks Michelle Obama and her kids for having been spotted recently at a restaurant in Vale, Colorado eating… ribs!!! I mean, really… could the despicable liberal hypocrisy of the First Lady get any more egregious than that?

Of course this is a completely ridiculous argument that’s stuffed with patent falsehoods, but it’s a classic example of how things get totally “dumbed down” and grotesquely distorted in the evil funhouse mirror of American political rhetoric.

The sad part is that MILLIONS of Rush’s listeners will seriously take away the idea from this absurd narrative that relentlessly controlling “liberals” are “demanding and requiring that everyone eat cardboard and tofu” while they themselves hypocritically chow down on sumptuous, calorie-rich meals at luxurious eateries in exotic winter vacation get-aways…

Keep in mind that this is just 3 minutes of a show lasting several hours that’s broadcast to millions of listeners across the land, five days a week. Is it any wonder that so many “conservatives” might eventually wind up thinking that something as innocent as the earnest promotion of moderate food consumption and “healthy eating options” is basically equivalent to Arbeit Macht Frei?


Crackpot Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi making life utterly miserable for Arabic translators everywhere…

Obviously, it’s no laughing matter that a dictatorial lunatic has been cruelly oppressing (most of) the people of his country for decades – an unfortunately common occurrence throughout post-colonial Africa – but it is quite amusing that since his “rapprochement” with the West in recent years, utterly vile creatures like Tony Blair were happy to be the front men for unscrupulous corporate interests that had no qualms at all about doing business with him.

Given that corporations have, in some jurisdictions at least, been granted the status of “personhood” along with many of the rights afforded to individuals, maybe it’s about time that corresponding obligations of morality be likewise attached to these entities. After all, if companies refused to conduct business with oppressive dictators for deeply implicit moral reasons then there would simply be no economic basis for their power. Yes, I know… it’s a ridiculously naïve concept.