It’s curious that Rafid Ahmed Alwan al-Janabi aka “Curveball” – the loopy informant relied upon so heavily by the Bush administration to bolster their case for war against Iraq – has now suddenly reappeared in the news. For those of us who weren’t entirely comatose during the previous decade, the revelation that this unstable character was completely full of shit isn’t exactly news.

It is however highly amusing that he’s apparently been fired quite recently from several fast food joints in Germany because of his pathological lying. The man was deemed unfit to work at Mickey D’s, but his creative imagination helped to kill several hundred thousand innocent Iraqis. What a deeply strange and perverted world we inhabit.

Liberal Tourism

Try to contain your excitement… Iggy’s launching yet another one of his dreadfully awkward, barely noticeable “Talking to Canadians” tours of the electoral hinterland! This time with his shadow Labour Critic Maria Minna and a clutch of other Liberal MPs you’ve probably never heard of in tow. Together, they’ll be “criss-crossing the country” ahead of a possible election, attempting to stoke the resentment of “working families” while pandering to them with lofty but fiscally impossible schemes addressing the problems of childcare, tuition fees and youth unemployment.

Hang on. Isn’t this sort of bunkum Jack Layton’s job?