Jimmy 2012

The only person to have actually declared as yet that he’s running for president in 2012 made an appearance at last week’s CPAC event:

Jimmy McMillan will, if nothing else, bring some much needed amusement to a Republican primary race that promises otherwise to be just “too damn boring.”



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8 responses to “Jimmy 2012

  1. Tomm

    McMillan and Palin in 2012.

    That’s the ticket!

    They would get tens of millions of votes.

    As the Simpson’s pointed out, this is the beauty of a two party system. If you don’t vote for tweedledum, you’ve got to vote for tweedledee, otherwise you’re just THROWING your vote away!

  2. I’m sure Bill Buckley would be spinning in his grave at the prospect of a McMillan-Palin ticket.

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  4. jkg

    I don’t know; Mr. Buckley had no trouble channeling his erudition thanks to his sophisticated intellectual development he received in academia yet turning around and tossing a little bit of populist red meat about how top tier universities was such a insular, liberal enclaves. I will give him some credit: He at least was willing to engage the likes of Noam Chomsky rather than outright dismissing them. His critique of American intellectual liberalism incrementally approached the populist sphere enough in my opinion that I would assert that his critiques were prototypical to the entrenched, reactionary anti-intellectualism that pervades neo-conservatives such that the silver bullet to win debates in those circles is to deflect intellectual critiques as being full of ‘Ivory Tower Liberal Bias.’ This, of course, hinges on the false dichotomy in which working in academia is somehow not exposing you to the ‘real world,’ a truly nonsensical position. Does going to a Catholic Seminary shield you from the ‘real world’ as well? Somehow, skills such as setting up a research programme, executing it, presenting it, and defending it are clearly reserved for the lofty folk with their head in the clouds and have no application in a work environment.

  5. Buckley’s essential thesis in the 1950’s was that the US was turning it’s back on a type of 19th Century Classical Liberal Christian culture that was a construction only in his own mind. The late 19th Century saw the rise of a liberal progressive ethos as the American culture began to seriously embrace technology and modern capitalism. Buckley was attempting a synthesis of sorts between American Catholicism and capitalism – one that had not really existed prior to 1950.

    He is somewhat analogous to George Grant – save for the fact that the civilisation that Grant was defending atually existed – that of the English Canadian Nationalism of the Edwardian Age.

  6. TofKW

    As the Simpson’s pointed out, this is the beauty of a two party system. If you don’t vote for tweedledum, you’ve got to vote for tweedledee, otherwise you’re just THROWING your vote away!

    Not sure if I’m thinking of the same episode, but are you referring to the one where the two space aliens impersonate Clinton and Dole during the 1996 election? If so the classic line for me was, I believe, from the ‘Dole’ alien who said; “It does not matter which way you vote, either way you are doomed.”

    The truest words spoken are always those of the court jester.

  7. I’m pretty sure that was the same episode. “Citizen Kang” from “Treehouse of Horror VII”, 1996-10-27. No. 01, season 08. Which you can watch here.

  8. I am also running for President. I look forward to debating Mr. McMillan on the issues. One thing we do agree on is that the rent is to damn high.

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