Trumping Ron Paul

I’m sure I wasn’t alone in cheering on Donald Trump’s impromptu remarks at the CPAC event last week with respect to Ron Paul, stating “honestly he just has zero chance of getting elected.” Well, duh.

Look, Ron Paul knows full well that he will NEVER be elected and therefore has the luxury of saying anything he damn well pleases, no matter how whacky, impractical, socially unjust, or deeply impolitic his ideas may be. Like our own “no hopers” on the margins of political reality, it’s all a bit of cheat really.

Of course the majority of libertarian whippersnappers adore this cantankerous old fart because they’re: a) completely self-absorbed; and, b) irresponsible boneheads with the foresight of gnat. One would like to think they might feel somewhat differently however were their folks impoverished or even perhaps made homeless by virtue of his theoretical “Austrian economics” actually being put into practical application for the first time in history.

Apprentice Update: Donald Trump shares some of his “ideas” about the economy on CNN (which essentially consist of kicking China in the nads and roughing up some other countries around the world or shaking them down for protection money):

I seriously doubt that Trump has the patience (or money, for that matter) to make a serious run for president, but it’s kind of fun to imagine what things would be like with this arrogant dickhead at the helm of the USA.