War Criminal!

As former Vice President Dick Cheney takes the podium at the CPAC convention, an audience member loudly denounces him as a “war criminal”…

What’s particularly funny about this clip is that if you listen closely to the chatter in the background, someone on stage can be heard to remark, “We’ve got a Canadian.” Heh.



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13 responses to “War Criminal!

  1. Rotterdam

    CPAC has a huge Ron Paul libertarian contingent.
    I would say almost half the students, and they are the most vocal.

  2. Yeah, I know. Check out this clip where Donald Trump pours cold water on them:

  3. Rotterdam

    I have been watching the convention live all day.
    You can download the agenda on pdf

  4. Rotterdam

    They remind me of Eugene McCarthy supporters.

  5. Watching CPAC live… Wow. And I thought I was a glutton for punishment. 😉

    I was watching the revolution in Egypt unfold.

  6. Rotterdam

    A rare sighting.
    A famous Hollywood actor at CPAC.
    Brave man.

    Former liberal, finally got some common sense.
    Most conservative Hollywood actors are in hiding for fear of being blacklisted.


  7. That’s a complete misinterpretation of what Dreyfuss is doing there and what he actually said. Do you have a listening problem of some kind or are you just a pathological liar?

  8. Rotterdam

    “I am not a liberal”….I am a libo..conservo,,rado..middle of the rodo…”
    A rare breed in Hollywood indeed.
    He is not hard left wing.
    I like his Dreyfuss initiative, especially with Frank Luntz on the board of directors.
    Wow, where is your sense of humour?
    You need to lighten up…just like Elizabeth Hasselbeck.

  9. lenny

    Yeah, that “blacklisting” of conservatives is a real career killer:

  10. That whole “blacklist” thing is another of those myths that wingnuts just love to treasure and endlessly repeat even though it has no basis in fact. Dreyfuss himself says in the interview that many fellow actors are conservatives and points out that the backers and financiers of Hollywood are unsurprisingly inclined to be conservatives also.

  11. D.I.D.

    My favorite act of disgust against these neo-con fascists was when Wolfowitz was holding a press conference, and one of the spectators stood, and shouted:

    “Sieg Heil, you Nazi son-of-a-bitch! You should be tried for treason!!”

    (I know that the guy who posted it is a conspiracy theorist, but still it makes its point quite well)

  12. Beijing York

    That “Canadian” (heh, heh) should have thrown a shoe at him.

  13. D.I.D. – Thanks for the video. Quite timely given that Rumsfeld has crawled out from under the rock he’s been hiding under for the past several years with his new compendium of lies.

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