LPC Pre-election Ad

As imagined by Rick Mercer…

I think this definitely falls into the category so aptly described by Homer Simpson’s immortal quote: “It’s funny ‘cause it’s true.”

I mean really, what does the Liberal Party stand for these days? Other than opportunistically sniping at Harper and the Conservatives, to borrow another famous quote, “there’s no there there” when it comes to having any sort of vision or definite purpose that might arouse a degree of interest, let alone rally widespread popular support for the Liberal cause… whatever it may be.

GOP Voters

TPM offers up an amusing snippet from one of pollster and evil genius wordsmith Frank Luntz’s infamous focus groups; in this case with Republican caucus voters in Iowa – who are, evidently, some of the most obtuse and profoundly ignorant people on planet Earth.

It would be interesting to know how many of the participants in Luntz’s focus group are regular viewers of Fox News and/or listeners of Rush Limbaugh, et. al. because all of their remarks are simply echoes of the hilariously fact-free tropes about President Obama that are routinely peddled by the right-wing media.

The Last Word

Bill Maher talks with Lawrence O’Donnell about bridging “the partisan divide” amongst other things. It’s a great conversation, as might be expected with these two.

Speaking of partisan divides, Maher’s remarks about the pointless “feud” with Elisabeth Hasselbeck over a joke about her on his show last week provides yet more anecdotal corroboration of a theory we’ve long propounded here concerning the profound disconnect that seemingly exists when it comes to right-wingers and humour.