Dumb & Dumber

Oh, noooo! Please tell me that I don’t have to side with Bill “Wrong About Absolutely Everything” Kristol in the zero-sum ideological spat between him and Glenn Beck over which of these two knuckleheads is best articulating the present “conservative” position on foreign policy with respect to current developments taking place in the Middle East.

Glenn Beck says that “only one side can be right”… Well, I beg to differ. In the case of these two catastrophically dense blowhards, I would argue that both sides can be completely wrong. And, as a matter of fact (not that it seems to matter to these two individuals), past events have tended to demonstrate that they most usually are.

Just for hypothetical fun, why not let’s take a little survey on the matter…


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8 responses to “Dumb & Dumber

  1. You couldn’t force me. I mean, that’s a negative-sum spat there.

  2. Billy Crystal! Thanks for the out!

  3. Ha! Who’s dumb now? My bad.

    Thanks for pointing that out for me. It’s fixed now.

  4. Thanks for the Krauthammer link (and the non sequitur about “PM Harper”). It felt drearily familiar to read a neo-con once again endorsing brutal military rule. Dismissing ElBaradei as a leader of Egyptian democratic reform solely because he’s been “soft on Iran” inspired a chuckle as well.

  5. Rotterdam

    Watch the movie Iranium.
    The movie the Iranian Embassy tried to block.
    Evan Solomon take from CBC.

  6. Rotterdam

    Its showing next week in Toronto at Bnai Brith.


    Irritate the Mullahs.

  7. Rotterdam: Thanks for posting that. Not quite sure what it has to do with this particular thread, but it was interesting nonetheless.

    I totally agree with the position taken by the Heritage Minister. Moore should be given full credit for his stand in this instance.

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