Palin® Gets Dumped

I don’t know, but this story doesn’t quite pass the smell test for me.

I’d like to see some substantiation of the “threats and harassment” that currently have the right-wing noise machine so indignantly exercised given that the obscure group organizing the “Patriots & Warriors Gala” in Colorado at which Sarah Palin® was invited to speak stated that “no direct threats have been made against anyone”…

Perhaps it’s cynical of me to ask, but was Sarah Palin® going to speak for free at this event? If so, I believe that might be a first. The usual speaking fee of Sarah Palin® is reported to be $100,000. Heck, she even crassly turned a 9/11 memoriam last year into a money-making opportunity.

Maybe the Sharon K. Pacheco Foundation (that only had a paltry $2,000 or so in revenue last year according to the Denver Post), simply wasn’t able to pony up the cash needed to engage the services of Sarah Palin® as their keynote speaker and decided instead to get a whole lot of free publicity (and sympathetic donations) from inviting and then dis-inviting Sarah Palin® under a cloud of controversy.

Or, it could be that many on the left are, as radio talker Mike Gallagher suggests: low, despicable, hateful, cowardly, vile, mean-spirited, radical, and vicious thugs.