Ronnie’s Coin Toss

A “found object” from Harry Shearer and My Damn Channel featuring Ronald Reagan preparing to do the coin toss for Super Bowl XIX back in 1985. Seems kind of appropriate, all considered, don’t you think?

I have to admit though, it’s a strange, rather creepy viewing experience; almost like eavesdropping or watching hidden camera surveillance.


8 Replies to “Ronnie’s Coin Toss”

  1. Nice to know the “leader of the free world” made wise use of every minute of his second mandate. Your typical nerdy Democrat policy wonk certainly wouldn’t see the geo-strategic value of spending 15 minutes tossing a coin in front of an audience of slackjawed jocks.

    Love the bonus creepy shot of a pre-not-guilty OJ.

  2. You read my mind!

    As I watched that I couldn’t believe that the POTUS wouldn’t (shouldn’t!) have had infinitely better things to do than nervously hang about waiting for his 10 seconds of live feed to flip a stupid fucking coin.

  3. I was touched, seeing the President of the Free World once again, but appalled at the way people handled him and – in effect – pushed him around. Not to mention all that standing around for no apparent reason. Then again, he was an actor and probably used to it.

    The creepy part, for me, was the split second of OJ Simpson…..

    Anyhoo, I did enjoy all 15 minutes of it, and stuck it on my Facebook page. TX.

  4. My first thought was: Imagine if a similar video were leaked today of Obama waiting to do a coin flip. Now imagine the uproar on Fox News if he had talked in the middle of the US national anthem.

    Another little reminder of how much the political discourse has changed.

  5. Hmmm. Ronny didn’t put his hand on his heart for the playing of the national anthem. He musta been a Muslim!

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