Paxo v. Boris

Jeremy Paxman’s interview with London Mayor Boris Johnson on yesterday’s Newsnight program:

What promised at the outset to be a testy confrontation over Johnson’s controversial support of City bankers turned into a surprisingly amiable discussion about the lost morality of capitalism.

Johnson criticized Britain’s financial sector for failing to give more, arguing that it should be showing “much more commitment” to society. “It’s quite incredible to me that people can walk away with multimillion bonuses and not understand that what people want to see is them doing what the great titans did in the Victorian era,” he said.

By the way, here’s Business Secretary Vince Cable’s joke about bankers:

There are two corpses on the motorway — a dead cat and a dead banker. What’s the difference? There are skid marks in front of the cat.

More wickedly malicious banker jokes here.



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10 responses to “Paxo v. Boris

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  2. Have you read “Lords of Finance” ? It is about how the Bankers mismanaged the Crash of 1929 and drove us into a World Crisis.

  3. It’s a fascinating discussion, the benevolent capitalism one. He’s right, this city is packed full of monuments of every size and type erected by the super rich of previous generations. Even in Ottawa, if you walk along Wellington or Bank, you see the wonderful public buildings covered in beautiful art that Canadian financial institutions once “gifted” to the people. Now all that wealth is sitting in accounts in Geneva. It has to at least partly be due to the professionalization of the business class, there’s something about the MBA that makes people believe they’re getting their just deserts.

  4. philosoraptor

    Hey Red…this is OT, but I was just wondering if you’ve ever had the chance to see Lawrence Krauss’ “A Universe From Nothing”. If you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend it. I just re-watched it myself and it gets better with each viewing (so far).

  5. ATY: Not familiar with it. Guess I’ll have to add it to my reading list. 🙂

  6. Shiner: The new class of predatory “super rich” without allegiance or obligation to any particular country may be a passing phenomenon, but it’s hard not to regard it as an unhealthy development in the short term. It takes some amazing level of greed and depravity to actually make the venal robber barons of yore look fairly good by comparison!

  7. Dave: No, and thanks. I’ve got it cued up now and will watch it shortly.

    I have to say, this is the one thing I missed about blogging: being turned onto information I may not otherwise have come into contact with!

  8. tf

    Now that’s an exciting interview!
    And interesting statements from both interviewer and mayor.

  9. Beijing York

    Loved the dark banker jokes. My fave:

    Why don’t sharks attack bankers? Professional courtesy.

  10. Hard to imagine an interview on Canadian or US television that would include this exchange:

    Johnson: “I thought there was something sneering in your tone just there.”

    Paxman: “Well, you can think what you like, matey…”

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