Sarah Palin’s response the SOTU was bizarre, to say the least, particularly when it came to discussing the “Sputnik moment” — a tiresome analogy borrowed from Thomas Friedman — that was advanced by President Obama as an inspirational, Kennedyesque national project to spur innovation and revive the American economy by making various “investments” in science, education, and high-speed access to Internet porn. (Okay, he didn’t say that last bit, but come on…)

Tommy Christopher at Mediaite has perfectly detailed the travesty and quite helpfully included this supposition as to how, of all things, Spudnuts weirdly entered the discussion, suggesting that the equation went like this: “Sputnik moment” + “Something that sounds like Sputnik but isn’t”=WIN!”

By the way, the article linked to above provides a fascinating potted history of the rise and fall of the Spudnuts empire, which on close examination seems like a pretty dodgy business model to emulate.

Finally, am I the only one who got the impression that this entire interview with Greta Van Susteren was scripted in advance?


16 Replies to “Spudnuts?”

  1. Wow, Sputnik and its debt defeated the USSR?

    I thought the neocons always credit Reagan with that.

    Palin, a true rube.

  2. **sigh**

    Did I mention silly Americans?

    It’s either “spend our way to prosperity”, or, “let’s go back to the business model of 1962”.

    The country is ripe for a 3rd party if the U.S. electorate weren’t so sheep-like.

  3. Perhaps, but I think the only alternative party to make a truly serious challenge to the status quo was the one headed by Teddy Roosevelt a hundred years ago. Not exactly an encouraging track record for would-be dissidents…

  4. “The country is ripe for a 3rd party if the U.S. electorate weren’t so sheep-like.”

    Rob, I don’t think the American public is to blame, as I can see a viable 3rd party doing quite well just about now. And by viable, I mean sane (as in the opposite of the Tea Party).

    I think it has much more to do with how the Dems and the GOP have rigged the system to prevent an actual 3rd party from getting too far. They’ve literally had centuries to perfect the process. The old Reform party could fill in the details of how the system was institutionalized against them. Hell, Ron Paul has plenty of examples.

  5. Canadians are “tolerant” of Muslims who want to blow the county up.

    Canadians are “tolerant” of every culture in the world.

    China is a “culture” that Pierre Trudeau “loved”.

    Cuba is a “great” system for Canadians to admire.

    Sarah Palin is the greatest threat to Canadians and warrants cheap shots against her.

    Sarah Palin is more “dangerous” to the “Canadian” way of life than “Castro”.

    Sarah Palin is such a threat to humanity and mankind, the UN should lock her up for life.

    The USA is such a “threat” to Canada, the border should be shut down and a wall built from stopping those “ignorant”,”selfish”,”stupid”,Americans from “destroying” Canada.

  6. The part I enjoy is through Steve’s ignorance of Canadian politics, has no clue as to how many posters on this forum are Tories (disenfranchised or supporting the CPC) who are posting about the obvious… Palin is a mental midget.

  7. Steve.

    I’m a member of the CPC. I contribute to the party every year.. so, no “liberal elitist” am I.

    On the other hand, as I posted in my blog today.. the Republican Party has been fond of outright lying about the “terrorist threat” from Canada – from Janet Napolitano to Sharon Angle.. to simply manipulate the U.S. population into supporting widespread government abuse of personal liberties.. while the greatest threat to American security is domestic terrorism, from the recent Tuscon shooter, to Tim McVeigh, to the Unabomber..

    No.. Canada isn’t perfect, but the U.S. is a deceptive, dangerous neighbor that we’d be well to create some healthy distance from.

  8. Rob: First off, Steve won’t respond to your point because he’s just a troll and isn’t interested in dialog.

    As to your other point, I kind of miss the days when the border between Canada and the USA was more permeable and transparent. All of the border security measures that have been implemented post 9/11 do nothing but harm trade, travel and tourism, while doing little if anything to deter imagined threats of terrorism.

  9. ..because the biggest terrorist threat in the U.S. is from within. Not to mention, that the Al Quaeda operatives that did commit the 9-11 attack all were admitted from good friends of the U.S. like Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

    But make Canada the scapegoat – and now, we get to open all of our federal databases to U.S. Homeland Security and Border services.. though I’m sure they wouldn’t misuse that information, now, would they?

  10. We’ve bent over backwards to accommodate the security requirements of the USA since 9/11 and it just never seems to be enough. And now we’ve got insufferable douchebags like Joe Lieberman perpetuating the myth that Canada is a haven for terrorists and radical extremists…

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