SOTU: Crazy Eyes Edition!

If there’s one good thing that can be said about Rep. Michele Bachmann’s response to President Obama’s State of the Union speech last night, it’s that it was… umm… Err… Well, it… Oh, bugger.

Here – you watch and meanwhile, I’ll go think of something.

Got it! It was under seven minutes! Phew.

And it had charts.

34 Replies to “SOTU: Crazy Eyes Edition!”

  1. QED 😉


    “This picture immortalizes the victory of young GIs over the incursion against the Japanese”.

    [Yessir. Thank God those GIs vanquished that unholy incursion inflicted upon the Japanese.]

    “These six young men raising the flag came to symbolise all of America coming together to beat back a totalitarian aggressor.”

    [And sharecropping Negroes in shanties and disenfranchised Negroes in tenements in segregated slums all over America joined with their Aryan overlords in celebrating the triumph of democracy over authoritarianism.]

    My analysis: Bachmann’s been watching the Palin flame-out and is gunning to be the next Tea Party Barbie. Primary run in ’12? Oh yeah. Bring it on…

    At least she’s a bit of a step up for the bottom of the GOP’s intellectual barrel. Bachmann’s a menace, sure—but, IQ-wise, Palin makes her look like Woodrow Wilson.

  2. It’s frightening that CNN is covering an official response to the State of the Union from a political movement based on a comforting herbal beverage.

    Anyone wondering what Stelmach was warning about in his resignation speech?

  3. Funny hearing Canadians squirm over America.

    It’s very annoying how Canadians care more about American politics than their very own.

  4. Celebrity journalist Mike Evans told Minnesota’s KQRS radio last week that his friend, Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie, has been unable to find President Barack Obama’s birth certificate despite an intensive search.

    Read more:

    This is going to get very interesting before 2012.

    I can’t wait to read and hear what die hard Canadian pundits have to say about this.

  5. Steve Reynolds said: “It’s very annoying how Canadians care more about American politics than their very own.”

    Because whatever dipshit political trends you start end up, in some form, migrating up here.

    Reaganomics and neo-liberal economic policy has already destroyed the traditional good governance of our Conservatives, and heaven only knows what the teabagging morons will usher in here.

    Frankly, good reason for us to build a giant wall to keep you out – kinda like you want to do with the Mexicans.

  6. “Because whatever dipshit political trends you start end up, in some form, migrating up here.”

    I’m Canadian bud.
    I’m also American.

    I see how in “multicultural” Canada that every culture on earth is to be “loved” , except for the American “culture”.

    Mario Lemieux, a Canadian “icon” is a registered “Republican”.

    Wayne Gretzky CHOSE to live his life in the USA and raise his kids American.

    When we see all the Canadian “icons” who settle in the USA, I can surely understand that the people left behind for whatever reason might be a little jealous.

    I mean, come on.

    If Arizona is as dangerous like the Toronto Star and the other bogus Canadian media would have you believe, they would put Gretzky(Canada’s hero) on the microphone to express his extreme worry about living and raising a family in the USA.

    If it’s fine with Mario and Wayne, I guess the culture’s fine for me as well.

    May God Bless the USA.

  7. Steve: I see how in “multicultural” Canada that every culture on earth is to be “loved” , except for the American “culture”.

    I don’t think anyone was disparaging American “culture” in this instance, so your whiny, defensively righteous little diatribe is kind of misplaced.

    TofKW’s point is entirely valid about Canadians needing to be wary of the migration of political ideologies from south of the border that have a tendency to lodge themselves like viral infections into our own discourse. I would add to that the obvious impact on our economy that political policy decisions taken in the USA have on our own, so we do quite literally have a vested interest in what goes on down there.

    By the way, the converse of your initial point about the supposedly excessive amount of interest Canadians take in American politics is the arrogance and wilful ignorance of most Americans who take no interest whatsoever in the rest of the world.

    As a final point, are you equally annoyed by “Conservative” bloggers in Canada who comment endlessly on U.S. politics? I would confidently wager that you have NEVER levelled this criticism at any of them.

    p.s. Your ever-changing IP addy indicates to me that you’re more than likely a troll.

  8. You Pierre Trudeau Canadians really are something.

    BTW, I’m not a troll and my IP address is always the same.

  9. …except for the American “culture”.

    I’m rather glad to have been spared the duty of placing quotation marks around that word.

    … It’s very annoying how Canadians care more about American politics than their very own…

    I wonder how much Steve thinks the 65% of Americans who never vote really care about their own politics.

    You Pierre Trudeau Canadians…

    I wonder what that is. Is it our equivalent of “Richard Nixon Americans”?

  10. “I’m rather glad to have been spared the duty of placing quotation marks around that word.’

    Pierre Trudeau’s daughter goes to college in the USA.

    That is more than enough reason for your continuing hatred of anything USA.

    Canadians have never been able to “define” themselves other than “not American”.

    Trudeau’s daughter loves the USA so much I wouldn’t be surprised is she raised a family there and never returned to Canada other than to visit mommy.

    Trudeau’s daughter will go on my list of the “famous” Canadians who abandoned Canada and moved to the USA to raise their families.


  11. I wonder what kind of “list” the authorities will find on Steve’s bunker wall?

  12. Steve Reynolds wrote: “Canadians have never been able to “define” themselves other than “not American”.”

    I for one am actually quite comfortable with that, as we have a very spread out populous with distinct regional differences and two languages. It is perfectly natural for all of us to harbour different views on what makes up a ‘Canadian’.

    As the the ‘not American’ definition, I find that one very handy when traveling anywhere outside North America. Especially in the UK when they get past the accent and realize you’re from the part that remained loyal to the crown.

  13. Trudeau’s daughter will go on my list of the “famous” Canadians who abandoned Canada and moved to the USA.

    Don’t forget Pam Anderson and Robert Goulet.

    I wonder what kind of “list” the authorities will find on Steve’s bunker wall?

    His phone number, and a mnemonic key to the alphabet.

    Steve and I agree on one thing: he’s no troll. He’s so bad at trolling that he’s making me suspect Red of pulling out “Johnny Tard” again.

    Or perhaps it’s Ti-Guy being mischievous. If so, he can stop any time now. Really.

  14. “It is perfectly natural for all of us to harbor different views on what makes up a ‘Canadian’. ”

    Find any other country in the world where that is the case.

    Every country in the world has a culture.

    China, Cuba, Vietnam, North Korea, Russia, Brazil, Spain, ……………………………………………….Serbia, Syria, Australia, ………………………..

    Yet Canada has been robbed of developing a “unique” culture in favor of Pierre Trudeau and his multicultural model.

    Trudeau’s daughter is in the USA for school.

    That says it all about where Canada is and what it has become.

    Canada will fall apart.

    I say withing 50 years.

  15. Oh Steve, that nasty Trudeau and his multiculturalism… just makes a bigot like you so ANGRY!!!!! HULK SMASH!!!!

    So far you havent said anything more sensible than the Hulk would say. At least he’s green and has some snazzy cutoffs.

  16. BTW, I’m not a troll and my IP address is always the same.

    Sorry “Steve” but you might have noticed that your avatar is different every time you post a comment, indicating that your IP number has changed. If you lie about something so painfully obvious, then one might reasonably assume that everything you say is most probably a lie (e.g., “I’m Canadian bud.”)

    Moreover, your comments seem intended only to be needlessly provocative (e.g., “You Pierre Trudeau Canadians…”) rather than informative or relevant.

    Hence, I conclude that you are nothing but a pathetic, trolling wanker. As such, please feel free to fuck off at any time.

  17. To begin with.

    The American experience in seeking liberation against Britain has left an indelible mark on their cultural identity that we will never adopt – having maintained our relationship with their “oppressor” and having adapted our separation from governance by Britain by virtue of political means.

    I think that will, perhaps forever, distinguish us from the U.S. in a way that goes way beyond and much deaper than just “not American”.

    Our political system, our Judicial system, and our national consciousness all I think relate back to this distinction.. and is, in part, why it is dangerous to equate “Democrat” with “Liberal” and “Conservative” with “Republican”.

    We are already seeing the fruits of these differences in terms of not having to NOW adapt to a public health model, in terms of not having to fight to take power back from the banking industry, and in having a relatively unique mix of socialism and capitalism that I think sets us apart (and ahead) of most other countries in the world.

    The trick is maintaining the balance.. which our Parliamentary system generally allows for – with the exception of the massive flame-out of the Progressive Conservative Party under Mulroney, which IMHO created a very unhealthy balance by ceding almost total control to the Liberal Party of Canada..

    Watching U.S. politics is interesting, and relevant as they are our biggest trade partner and their demands impact us every day – but the suggestion that the Conservative Party is a Republican Party in waiting is no more credible than that the Liberal Party is a Canadian incarnation of the Democratic party.

    Of course, politics being what it is – us conservatives will portray Ignatieff as Chairman Mao and the liberals will protray Harper as Dick Cheney.

  18. Steve: My apologies for telling you to fuck off… If you want to engage in legitimate discussion, then fine. Otherwise, go find someone else to poke with a stick. I really don’t have time for it.

  19. Rob: Well said. Not sure about the hyperbolic analogies re the party leaders being commonplace, although there is a fringe minority of kooks operating in that extreme realm of delusion.

  20. in the wackaloon’s defense (fuck me! am i really going to defend that nutcase?!), crazy eyes was looking at the web cam. of course, that means she was addressing her loyal lunk-headed lemmings, and not the rest of us.


  21. …in the wackaloon’s defense…crazy eyes was looking at the web cam.

    That’s like saying, “In Admiral Stockdale’s defence, he didn’t have time to comb his hair”.

    I don’t know, though—I think Bachmann was a bit off her game. Notice she didn’t mention that, three years ago, they were still calling them “Freedom Fries” rather than the Obama era’s terrorist-appeasing, surrender-monkey-coddling recrudescence into “French fries”. Bit of a disappointing inning for her in that sense.

  22. Very a propos, for the assembly’s delectation—a clip of Chris Matthews ripping a new hole into a high Tea Party apparatchik for having propaganda-pimped the disastrously clueless Frau Bachmann [this precious verbal flogging occurred before her response to the SOTU]:

  23. I watched that the other night. Aside from his robotic (or as Tweety would have it, “hypnotic”) blather, Sal Russo’s nervous, autonomic chuckles before opening his mouth were quite disturbing.

    He should have addressed the question/challenge posed by Matthews regarding Bachmann’s distorted interpretation of history vis-à-vis the American Founders and slavery. Had he done that, I’m sure he would have been given the usual license to spew his talking points.

  24. I was actually more interested in Matthews’ rabid disposition throughout the interview. I get the sense that he no longer finds these people funny or harmless. There’s a sense of outraged disgust in his approach here that I haven’t seen in him before (granted, I only watch of Hardball what’s available on YouTube).

  25. SF: Thanks for the flashback. That is indeed a classic. The ignorant talk radio tool just didn’t know when to shut up and admit that he was clueless.

    Matthews tends to get riled and go into bulldog mode when the Tea Partiers (and others righteously cleaving to a strict interpretation of the Constitution) play fast and loose with established historical facts. Not that I fault him for that at all, but it’s also akin to shooting fish in a barrel – not really that much of a challenge. Sometimes his dudgeon is a bit too high for my taste, but otherwise he’s basically harmless.

    By the way, MSNBC has the most comprehensive online video presence of any 24/7 news outlet. Unlike Fox or CNN, you can watch the entirety of that channel’s programming without a TV or the need to ferret around on YouTube. Which is great for me, seeing as I no longer subscribe to cable!

  26. “RCA dog”

    zing! but allow me to correct my earlier comment: “…looking into the web cam.” seriously, the implication can’t be overlooked. insulated, incestuous kooks.


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