10 O’Clock Live

This, apparently, is Britain’s answer to The Daily Show. Overall, it’s not very good, I’m sad to say, but does include some promising moments from the irascible duo of Charlie Brooker and David Mitchell. Probably would have been better if the C4C programmers* had just limited it to the two of them, or even just made Mitchell the host, with occasional features from Brooker reprising his withering critique of the news media that he executed so brilliantly in his old BBC Newswipe series.

*An unsurprising poor decision, given that scientific studies have shown public-service program planners (and other primitive human sub-groups) as scoring rather badly when compared to penguins in terms of their intellectual capacity.

4 Replies to “10 O’Clock Live”

  1. I’m not familiarwith this gang, but why not weigh in, anyway? First off: they should have left the blonde out of the show. Next, they could have done without the fellow on her right – our left. The pretty boy is the best. Too bad; it could have been a good show.

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