So, Keith Olbermann’s Countdown program came to an abrupt, somewhat puzzling end tonight. (Did he quit… was he fired?)

Although the announcement itself came as quite a surprise, it has to be said that this development wasn’t entirely unexpected.

It seemed to me that for the past several months, if perhaps not even longer, Olbermann appeared to have grown increasingly uncomfortable in the role of being MSNBC’s primetime liberal flamethrower. Or at least that was my impression.

It was an entirely fitting touch that Olbermann concluded the final edition of his program with a reading of James Thurber’s fable The Scotty Who Knew Too Much, the moral of which is: “It is better to ask some of the questions than to know all the answers.”


10 Replies to “KO’d”

  1. FYI Red, Channel 4 has launched a 22 Minutes style news show with the hilarious David Mitchell, Charlie Brooker, the not so funny Jimmy Carr, and the absolutely horrible Lauren Laverne. It’s hit and miss, but worth it for David Mitchell I think.

  2. RT,

    You will be losing some of your more entertaining set-up materials. Who at MSNBC will be doing the dirty work?

    Thankfully you’ve still got the FOX family to draw from.

    Got a question for you. Given that CBC is mad that the CPC is using their sound bites, are other second hand posters wondering when the other shoe is going to drop?

  3. Tomm, there is still Rachel Maddow at MSNBC, though she is considerably less assholish than Olbermann. However in Olbermann’s defense, it should be noted that someone had to do this ‘liberal flamethrower’ job. After all it was a predictable reaction to an entire news network acting as one gigantic anal orifice for the GOP.

  4. “Now, do you mean that as a portal of ingress or egress?”

    Sir Francis, it took me a while to stop giggling in order to compose a proper response.

    At the initial time I typed those words, I had only considered FOXNews as a portal from which noxious gases and wingnut diarrhea spewed forth.

    However after the moment of merriment ended and I pondered your question; I looked back at how US politics has gone from simply ‘pathetic’ to ‘utterly forlorn and doomed’ thanks to the teabagger movement. I now realize it is a conduit where shit flows both ways.

  5. Tomm: That’s a good question. Obviously, I’m more than happy to utilize source material from various broadcasts that are posted online by various diligent individuals as the premise for my posts. Whether that will continue to be freely available is unknown. The cable news networks don’t seem to have any problem with it (perhaps because their viewing audiences on the TV machine are relatively low), but I guess we’ll see in time…

    Olbermann was a font of material, I have to admit – his “Worst Persons” segment being my personal favourite; for sheer comedic value, if nothing else.

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