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Lament for a Nation

Fascinating discussion from TVO’s Agenda program about the current state of Canadian nationalism within the framework of political philosopher George Grant’s ideas and particularly his seminal essay Lament for a Nation, written in the wake of the 1963 election that toppled the Diefenbaker government.

Just as an irrelevant aside, I had no idea that David Warren was once editor of The Idler… That was such a wonderful magazine! I must have been one of its (evidently too) few subscribers back in the day.



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Oh sure, I guess that I could have posted some of the vituperative new Harper Party attack ads that were rolled out online yesterday morning along with some critical commentary without too much effort, but fortunately, I was far too busy with other “real world” things to bother. Besides, my initial reaction upon viewing them was one of “déjà vu all over again”… I seriously wondered if the dismal tropes in their formulaic adverts had simply been recycled from several years ago and slightly re-packaged for the benefit of those with head injuries or short-term memory problems.

So, rather than dwell on the dull malice of the latest corrosive CPC nonsense; instead, here’s a digital short from SNL because… well, for no reason actually, other than it’s amusing.

Would it possible do you think for the Conservatives to get some NEW material or at least a fresh set of ideas that may actually be worthy of comment? Same goes for the other parties too! Until then, it seems we’re stuck with a feeble political discourse that amounts to little more than Pee Wee’s infamous “I know you are, but what am I?”

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