The End of Palin?

Is it possible that Sarah Palin’s aspirations as a political celebrity and (heaven help us) presidential candidate may have suddenly flamed out? As an inveterate detractor of the failed VP, half-term Alaska Governor, and flippant Facebook phenom, I most certainly hope so!

Liberal talker Papantonio may be somewhat off-base in many of his criticisms here, but I believe he’s bang on in terms of his insightful observation that the more Palin is exposed to viewers, the less appealing she becomes. And that’s a very hopeful thing, because it signals that a vast majority of Americans now recognize what many of us knew right from the outset when it comes to Sarah Palin: “There’s no there, there.”

Golly-Gosh Update:

Here’s Palin’s insincere, self-serving response to the tragic shooting in Arizona that some have described as being “presidential” in nature:

Too bad that Palin just couldn’t resist the temptation to play the victim, claiming to be the target of a supposed “blood libel” directed by reckless “pundints” in the media against her and straining credulity by asserting that the violent actions of a deranged individual happened within a vacuum, completely absent of any context whatsoever.



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9 responses to “The End of Palin?

  1. Rotterdam

    You watch too much MSNBC.

    They are obsessed with her.

  2. Perhaps, but it’s not just MSNBC; it’s the media in general that pays far too much attention to the wingnut from Wasilla.

  3. philosoraptor

    I have nothing to add to the conversation. Just wanted to say that my favourite sobriquet is still Bible Spice.

  4. That’s very Pythonesque.

  5. philosoraptor

    I think you’re being generous…I’m a big Python fan, and I’m hardly worthy of the label 🙂

    In fact, my lack of input is likely due partly to my boredom in discussing Palin at this point. Also, while I used to find Palin news amusing, following this most recent narcissistic self-martyrdom in the face of tragedy I’ve finally realized there isn’t anything humourous in her presence anymore. It may be both sad and frightening, but it is no longer funny. I yearn for the Katie Couric interview days of yore, when we just pointed and laughed. Now I’m genuinely concerned.

  6. philosoraptor

    Looks like I did have something to add; I just needed prodding.

  7. I totally agree that discussing Palin is fairly tiresome. She does however seem to have a knack for being provocative; e.g., the “blood libel” allegation against the media for slamming her as a prime example of politicians having poisoned the well of public discourse over the last couple of years with their hyperventilated, gun-nutty rhetoric. That ridiculous phrase alone has generated an enormous amount of reaction in the MSM and elsewhere.

    Love her or hate her (personally, I wish she would have an unfortunate encounter with a grizzly bear in the wilds of Alaska), it’s difficult to ignore her completely.

    I’m really hoping that her star is fading and the end of her quasi-political career is rapidly at hand. If she doesn’t commit to a presidential bid in the next 6 months, then she will be just another crackpot commentator on Fox News.

  8. Heh. I was just watching an episode of The Colbert Report from earlier in the week where he was interviewing Bernard Henri-Levy and they both agreed that Palin is the “inescapable black hole of political rhetoric.”

  9. .During a candidates debate for governor in 2006 when asked how she would feel if a church pastor endorsed a candidate for governor Palin said that she would never support any government effort to stifle our freedom of religion or freedom of expression or freedom of speech but would caution the pastor that the endorsement could result in frustration and fewer dollars in the offering plate . .In 2006 Palin told the that her personal beliefs would not dictate her public policies adding that she was not one to be out there preaching and forcing my views on anyone else. .During a debate for Governor of Alaska in 2006 Palin said she was a proponent of teaching both and in the Alaska . The following day she said It doesnt have to be part of the curriculum and that she would not push to have it added.

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