The End of Palin?

Is it possible that Sarah Palin’s aspirations as a political celebrity and (heaven help us) presidential candidate may have suddenly flamed out? As an inveterate detractor of the failed VP, half-term Alaska Governor, and flippant Facebook phenom, I most certainly hope so!

Liberal talker Papantonio may be somewhat off-base in many of his criticisms here, but I believe he’s bang on in terms of his insightful observation that the more Palin is exposed to viewers, the less appealing she becomes. And that’s a very hopeful thing, because it signals that a vast majority of Americans now recognize what many of us knew right from the outset when it comes to Sarah Palin: “There’s no there, there.”

Golly-Gosh Update:

Here’s Palin’s insincere, self-serving response to the tragic shooting in Arizona that some have described as being “presidential” in nature:

Too bad that Palin just couldn’t resist the temptation to play the victim, claiming to be the target of a supposed “blood libel” directed by reckless “pundints” in the media against her and straining credulity by asserting that the violent actions of a deranged individual happened within a vacuum, completely absent of any context whatsoever.


Gaping Holes!

It’s hard to go comically wrong when the PMO provides such inviting material like the stated justification of “filling a gaping hole” in the federal cabinet as motivating the recent mini-shuffle… In this case by inserting Peter Kent (not as much fun as it sounds!) and superannuated OPP chief Julian Fantino into the ever-expanding galaxy of brilliant luminaries that is the Harper cabinet.

Am I mistaken, or didn’t this “conservative” party come into office promoting the idea of “small government” and a leaner bureaucracy? Four years later, it now has the dubious distinction of presiding over the largest cabinet and biggest deficits in Canadian history. Go figure.