The Secret Powers of Time

This video is hardly new (it has 1.5 million hits on YouTube since it was posted 7+ months ago), but it just came to my attention via the ForaTV playlist. In it, Professor Philip Zimbardo conveys how our individual perspectives of time affect our work, health and well-being. Time influences who we are as a person, how we view relationships and how we act in the world.

I am just mesmerized by the genius of these whiteboard animations. Maybe because the way my brain is wired, but for me, this particular form of presentation is the most effectively memorable (and entertaining) way of succinctly communicating complex ideas – or in this case, “the most simple idea in the world.”



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3 responses to “The Secret Powers of Time

  1. Tomm

    Really intresting video. Most people are observers.

    Zimbardo took some things we notice ourselves without analyzing them and weaves them into a context that then creates a story.

  2. Penny

    This was absolutely brilliant, RT!! I’m saving it to watch over and over again. One of the few things I remember from *gasp!* Bible College, where I majored in Education, was that people learn best when more than one sense is involved. I tend to need a visual memory to go with something, in order to remember it. A friend of mine remembers things best that she heard on the radio.

    Apart from that, the video makes you wonder if the explanation for kids like the one who shot up the Safeway doesn’t lie in their lack of social skills combined with a need for control. I’d add into the video, not just their need to control appliances, but also their inability to control relationships within the family….

  3. I think there’s no question that engaging different senses produces the best learning outcomes – a fact that was most simply recognized in the development of software like Powerpoint, for example. Insofar as that program and others like it bring together text and graphics to make a point, the basic notion is fundamentally sound, but unfortunately, the execution in practice is usually quite dismal. The delivery here is an inspiration for people like me that have to create presentations to do much better!

    As for that kid who murdered all those people in AZ yesterday, it really defies rational explanation. You may however be onto something with the “control” aspect given what can be deciphered from his writings, especially seeing as he actually talks about being a “mind controller” capable of manipulating others through influence of their grammar…

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