We the…

The following video is posted in honour of the Republicans’ ridiculous stunt today celebrating their takeover of the House of Representatives by reading the U.S. Constitution on the House floor. A “superceded” version of the Constitution, it should be noted; one that conveniently allowed them to omit of its more problematic aspects, like the part assigning slaves the value of 3/5 of a person. A wag at the WP with impeccable timing cleverly described this as “Huck Finning” the document.

As Matt Yglesias said: “Just kind of sweeping this all under the rug transforms the gesture into a silly and inaccurate deification of a practical document written by human beings…” Ironically, it’s also a repudiation of the firmly held belief by (most usually right-wing)  constitutional fundamentalists that America’s founding document is somehow fixed in amber.


9 Replies to “We the…”

  1. The whitewashing was done with amendments to the constitution, if the democrats are soooo against it they should have attempted amendments themselves while they held the reigns of power. Because that is how it was set up to be done in the US. But when did doing things the correct and legal manner ever worry a politician’s (democrat or republican) little fantasy they are trying to impose?

  2. I don’t believe the Democrats are “soooo against it” as they are simply appalled at the ill-informed posturing around the Constitution by so-called “Tea Party” Republicans attempting to leverage a fetishistic, cult-like reverence for the document to advance their extreme right-wing ideological agenda.

  3. “fetishistic” ?

    Oh I see you got your talking points memo then did you? That’s the new and improved buzz word/phraseology , good on ya for staying right up to date.

  4. GL – Hey, what can I say? If the shoe fits… It happens to be a long-held belief rather than being a talking point. Although to be honest, my preference to describe their worship of the Constitution is “cult-like” because I think that maybe speaks better to the quasi-religious fundamentalism involved.

    As for your secondary point about the venal, morally corrupt, power hungry nature of ALL politicians, I wouldn’t disagree with you entirely there, but I’m not nearly as bitterly cynical as you appear to be. There are many politicians at all levels of government that truly believe in public service and working to improve their communities or society at large, rather than just enriching themselves in one way or another.

    By the way, is the name intended to be ironic?

  5. In my opinion the constitution is rather meaningless, except that most of American society has belief in it. They see it as the document that sets out their freedoms and rights. It has been a constant that the populace has taken comfort in. Most people need a tangible in order to be secure. I can see how you might mistake it for a religious devotion of sorts.

    Good for you that you believe that there are many poeple that can walk through the cess pool of politics, keep the stench off and remain true to their principles. I have certain affection for optimists. :O)

    The phrase the Grey Lady has many many meanings. Please yourself.

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