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Fear Factor

Well, here we go again with another study purporting to demonstrate the difference between the mentalities of “conservatives” and “liberals” in terms of physiological discrepancies in their respective cerebral structures.

According to findings by neuroscience researchers at the University College of London (apparently in response to a whimsical challenge launched by actor Colin Firth on a BBC Radio chat program), it was discovered that conservatives have thicker tissues in a part of the brain called the amygdala (also sometimes colloquially referred to as the “lizard brain”), which is responsible for fear and other primitive emotions, whereas liberals have thicker anterior cingulates, which are associated with presumably more refined emotions such as optimism and courage.

Seems most probably bunk science to me, but one never knows… it could certainly explain a lot of things.

p.s. Speaking of Colin Firth, I watched the Tom Ford movie “A Single Man” the other night. What an absolutely beautiful, meticulously drawn film.



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World Air Traffic

A very cool video showing the global air traffic patterns over the course of a day to the accompaniment of the classic pop tune “Fly Me to the Moon.”

Many thanks to Brad Dillman for highlighting this on Twitter.

p.s. For best effect, be sure to hit the full screen option.


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