Sour Grapes

I will never for the life me understand the enduring celebrity appeal in this country of an obnoxious buffoon like Don Cherry, let alone completely fathom how anyone in their right mind could approve of his glibly autographing artillery shells in Afghanistan — particularly on Christmas Day for goodness sake! But hey, that’s probably just because I’m a left wing, pinko kook…

It’s understood that Defence Minister Peter MacKay who headed up the jolly “Team Canada Christmas Day tour” of Canadian military bases in southern Afghanistan awkwardly quipped, “Don, this is a different type of ‘He shoots, he scores.’” Ugh.



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5 responses to “Sour Grapes

  1. sassy

    War is a game, killing is funny.


  2. Will

    Many Canadians are rubes. Cherry is a rube.

  3. Grapes knows Hockey – very well.

    But the old man is being used by those who don’t cherish the very things he does. Like paying lip-service to the Monarchy while driving us into deeper integration with the republic to the South.

    Don Cherry cherishes Canadian institutions, and so his love and reverance for the Army gets in the way of his good judgement. It was sad to watch.

  4. The whole Toronto City Council episode was an embarassment.

  5. I think Don should, to quote another great Canadian icon, keep his stick on the ice, so to speak.

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