Daily Archives: January 1, 2011

Is Google Gay?

The dynamic “autocomplete” feature that Google now features is certainly a clever (if somewhat pointless) demonstration of its on-the-fly data mining capabilities, but the results that it instantly proffers as you’re typing can indeed be curious…

Type in “is stephen harper” for example. Really, are that many people actually wondering if the Prime Minister of Canada is gay? Probably not. So why then is this question dished up as the third most likely search result, other than that his name may be attached to a lot of discussions about the topic of gay rights, etc.? Ditto with Jack Layton, btw; only in his case the query (no pun intended) is ranked even higher. Funnily enough, when you run Michael Ignatieff through the same exercise, you’re mainly prompted with questions about him possibly being American or Jewish…



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