Favourite Political Speech… Ever

I was so happy that the folks at Countdown decided to include this stellar bit of “performance art” in their grab bag of year-end favourite moments earlier this week. Even after countless viewings, the ferociously impassioned (albeit wildly unhinged) oratory of Republican hopeful Phil Davison vying last September for a minor political office in Ohio still has all the riveting power of an spectacular train wreck.

Apparently, Davison was completely shocked by the reaction to this video taken by a local reporter at the event after it hit the Huffigton Post and then quickly went viral on the Internets. Described by those who know him as a generally “quiet” and “introverted” person, it seems this was his earnest notion of how a rousing political stump speech is meant to be delivered.



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6 responses to “Favourite Political Speech… Ever

  1. If he had won office it would have kept him off the street. That might have been good.

  2. Bob

    They let you again Martin?

    Or are you still inside?

  3. Ah, Bob… So eager to spew, you couldn’t quite get around to including the word “out” in order to have your pithy barb make sense.

  4. Tomm

    This guy’s got a Masters in Communication?

    I’d rather vote for the “rent is too damn high party”

  5. Amen, brother.

    Hey, I hear that Jimmy McMillan is going to run for president in 2012. Won’t that be a blast? I think we can all get behind his platform because, the rent IS too damn high!

  6. Tomm


    Jimmy on the President’s bail-out packages:

    “…he is pouring fuel on the fire of greed…”

    The rent is too damn high!

    & first class whiskers too.

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