Foxstastic Fear-Mongering

Comical desperation of the fairly unbalanced wingnuts…

I wonder if there will be any reporting on Fox “News” tonight of the CBO’s modestly favourable bottom-line cost reduction estimates released this afternoon.



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9 responses to “Foxstastic Fear-Mongering

  1. “Apparently it’s okay for a smoker to be pitching health care…”

    Ah yes, Obama’s just terrified that he won’t be able to afford medical care when he’s 80.

  2. counter-coulter

    Shiner: Tu Quoque is one of the right’s favorite fallacies; especially when they’re in their death throes and grasping at anything.

  3. Rotterdam

    Why was this not passed long ago?
    Dems had 60 seat senate, and massive majority in house.
    The close call this weekend has nothing to do with FOX News or the Republicans.
    No excuse for not holding your own party together.
    The Democrates are ruling like a bunch of amateurs.
    It starts with poor White House leadership.

  4. Hmmm…Rotterdam thinks the White House is making the right wing insane?

  5. hitfan

    There’s a reason why Fox is #1. They understand their audience, and they deliver.

    MSNBC is milquetoast, “we’re smarter than you, so you better listen to us” brand of liberalism.

    The only effective messenger of the left is Michael Moore.

  6. They understand their audience, and they deliver.

    I’m not sure if that’s necessarily a good thing. Did you happen to see Jon Stewart’s spoof of Glenn Beck’s program last night? Absolutely hilarious.

    Yes, Michael Moore is an effective spokesman for the Left. There are a few others out there.

  7. Billy Balls

    Michael Moore is loud maouthed fat ass buffoon who’s made his money selling his garbage to the gullible and sheep minded.

    Talking to many ghosts lately Martin?

  8. What sort of a loser is on AOL, Mr. Balls?

    Oh, but it’s a fake address, isn’t it? To go along with your phony name you pusillanimous recreant.

  9. CWTF

    Seems that we have a few here that just don’t get it.

    Maybe dr roy could all do us a favour and opt out of receiving public money or he could offer sensible solutions. His own “patients” seem to hate him enough if you look on “rate my doctor”…

    What is a little worrisome about all this is that Liberal Keith Martin seem to want to invite more private care.
    While noble, he seems to forget that doctors in Canada seem to envy the uber salaries that our American cousins are paid. I’m sure that he would likely change his tune if he factored in that doctors in the countries that he seems to lauded are paid much less than our Canadian and American friends…

    One only has to look at Quebec, where we effectively have much private care, to see what disasters this would entail…

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