Time to End Foreign Welfare

The question on this afternoon’s edition of “The Cafferty File” segment of CNN’s The Situation Room program was an especially provocative one; asking if, in light of the blatantly insulting snub by the reactionary government of Benjamin Netanyahu when Vice-President Biden recently visited that country, it was perhaps “time for the U.S. to get tough on Israel”

Not that it will ever do so given the entrenched power of the influential pro-Israel lobby (e.g., AIPAC and so on) in Washington, but maybe now would be a good time to revisit the idea of funneling countless billions of dollars each and every year to supposedly “friendly” client-states around the world.

Considering the heinous insolvency of the U.S. these days, wouldn’t it be prudent to critically re-assess the value of maintaining a far-flung global empire comprising more than 700 military bases scattered about all corners of the planet and backstopping truculent, nettlesome “allies” like Israel or repressive autocratic fiefdoms such as Uzbekistan or Saudi Arabia?



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9 responses to “Time to End Foreign Welfare

  1. It’s the real “third-rail” of Yankee politics & policy. Serious discussion of reducing any part of defense is immediately portrayed as weakness, surrender & treason.

  2. Skeptik_59

    Red, why do you hate the Jews? 😉

  3. Heh. Of course, I don’t hate Jews, but do actually loathe apocalyptic Christian Zionists.

  4. Rotterdam


    I invite you to live in any middle eastern country as a journalist. Make it a point of being critical of your host country, especially when it comes to the predominant religious beliefs.

    You will find that Israel would be the only country that would let you be.

    Ask any gay person.

    Its amazing how the left loves painting Israel as the villain.

  5. DamRotter — I think I mentioned a few other countries besides Israel, but you seem to have conveniently overlooked that fact. Israel was just the touchstone for the discussion — my point was that a reassessment of welfare provided to all these so-called “allies” should be undertaken.

  6. Soooo… I’ll bite since I’m gay and I have a Jewish boyfriend.

    Yes, Israel is gay friendlier than other Middle East countries and there is a bit more freedom of speech than some (but not all) Muslim nations, though it isn’t as free as Europe or North America.

    I’m not sure how that compensates for the evil way they treat the Palestinians: How they continue to expel Palestinians in order to make room to settle on their land, or bulldoze Palestinian homes without trial, or how the whole Gaza Strip had a food and fuel embargo for many months.

    It makes as much sense as saying that because America was fairly friendly to the Germans, it makes the deportations and genocide they committed against the Native Americans okay. Israel is either a just society or it isn’t.

    The Right certain has an odd way of thinking.

  7. hitfan

    If the USA cut off funding to Israel and declared neutrality in the Israel vs Palestinian dispute, it would pay off huge dividends in getting the Islamic world to stop hating the West, no need for any war on terror and airport security could be relaxed making life better for everybody.

    Bibi’s brother in law called Obama an “anti-semite” the other day as a result of the mild US criticism of Israel. The “anti-semite” canard has been thrown around so much that I just take it to mean that an “anti-semite” is anyone who poses a fair-minded objection against hardcore Likudniks.

  8. Moshe Arens and Tzipi Hotovely, both Likud hardliners came out in support of a one state solution recently. Aren’s in this editorial found in Ha’aretz


    My point being, Likud is far more nuanced than is commonly understood in the North America or is being characterized on this blog. Politically, Likud’s economic positions are far closer to the Canadian NDP than the CPC.

    The Israeli so-called Centre and Left (Labor and Kadima) both favour the 2 state solution and invoke the threat of a 1 state solution to scare voters while the 1 state solution is slowly gathering steam on the right.

  9. henry

    To get back to the original question: America would cease to exist, because all it has left is military might. (All empires go the same way eventually, nothing personal).

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