Harper’s “Hockey Nut” Interview

I missed this last week. If perhaps you did also, well, here it is…

Good to see a somewhat more human version of the PM automaton extolling the virtues of government sponsorship of athletics, the benefits of multicultural diversity, and so on. One could almost be excused for thinking that he’s apparently turning into a “liberal” of sorts.



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5 responses to “Harper’s “Hockey Nut” Interview

  1. counter-coulter

    To paraphrase a response Nic left on FB after I posted about seeing Harper and Gretzky together when Canada’s woman’s hockey took the gold: “He loves sports, it’s the arts that he hates”.

    True enough

  2. jkg

    Well, the arts are just not manly enough; surely the staunch toughness of the NHL jives quite well with highly competitive appeal of the ‘free market.’

  3. benalbanach

    Maybe I see more than there is but it seems to me that the guy is a politician 24/7. Here he is Mr Nice Guy with the press but only because he knows that Brian Williams won’t be bringing up Afghanistan or the proroguing of parliament. That attempt at smiling brings shivers to my spine.

  4. CWTF

    So the little dictator likes sports and patriotism…

    The country has come of age

    We are going to be world-class competitors
    What a moron thinking that sports is a unifying force…

  5. The first thought that came to my nasty mind, too was the arts funding thing. It also crossed my mind that he was more relaxed because Brian Williams wasn’t going to ask controversial, gotcha! questions…. But nevertheless, it was refreshing and even pleasant, to see Our Dear Leader realxed at all, and acting like a normal human being, and sports fan. I got a kick of “gonna’s” and the dropped “g’s”, and for the first time in my life, I could almost imagine having a similar pleasant conversation with him.

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