Code Red!!!

Alas, poor Rachel… She continues to be endlessly bemused and frustrated by the motley assortment of shamelessly dishonest, hypocritical fraudsters and morally bankrupt douchebags that presently constitute the Republican Party.

It’s nice to see the Dems (finally!) taking Dr. Howard Dean’s advice and employing reconciliation to get this bastardized healthcare bill enacted.



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2 responses to “Code Red!!!

  1. MoS

    I’ve only been around since the Eisenhower days but what I see today in the US is incomprehensible. Politically, socially, economically, militarily, it seems the whole place is on “tilt”. People like Limbaugh have restored race-baiting even to the nation’s airwaves. Not even during the worst years of Vietnam was the American society so divided. The country has been seized by radicals, only they’re not from the Left in the European style.

    America’s Right no longer trusts in reason and argument. Radicalism is their weapon of choice now because it frees them of even the minimal burdens of reason and truth. They don’t have to tell the truth any longer. They don’t have to fear being exposed as liars. They have a thoroughly cowed and corporatized mainstream media and a willingly complicit alternate media to cover for them.

    When you hear so many of the public regurgitating, with conviction, the most fantastic, outright lies, what does that say for their democracy?

    I just don’t see how America climbs down from this. What a blessing it would be if they could only return to the bad old days of Vietnam.

  2. Zanshin

    Near the end of this video, when they’re talking about a “public option,” are they proposing a government-run health insurance corp. like we have here in Canada?

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