Stiglitz to Tea Party…

What would economist Joseph Stiglitz say at a Tea Party convention?

Defending the essential role of government is a fairly predictable response from Stiglitz, but it does serve to highlight the critical debate that’s likely to be at the heart of forthcoming elections; i.e., is government part of the solution or the primary cause of the problem when it comes to managing the economy?

The complete discussion at FORA TV can be viewed here.



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4 responses to “Stiglitz to Tea Party…

  1. counter-coulter

    Unfortunately Mr. Stiglitz’s words would fall on willfully deaf ears. The Tea Baggers are those weaned on Saint Ronnie’s (Reagan’s) mythology that government regulation is evil and that the free-market loves you and has only your best interests at heart…despite all the evidence to the contrary. The Tea Baggers are truly the cutting-off-their-nose-to-spite-their-face party.

  2. St. Ronnie… who passed the biggest tax hike in U.S. history, turned tail in Lebanon, and oversaw a massive increase in government spending. The man has indeed been mythologized over the years.

  3. jkg

    I think that is what annoys me the most. Imagine how better the U.S. could manage its debt obligations if they actually return the corporate tax rate back to Reagan’s levels.

  4. hitfan

    The bailouts and TARP are the biggest form of corporate welfare, ever.

    “AIG is too big to fail”. BS. They’re being subsidized and rewarded for their utter incompetence and mismanagement.

    Stiglitz sounds fair and reasonable, but it’s basically apologia for corporate welfare dressed up in nice rhetoric and fancy words.

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