RMR: Turks and Caicos

A classic Rick Mercer rant from several years ago.

I’ve always thought this was a terrific idea. Does anyone know why it’s never been pursued more seriously? Like many I suppose, I’d love to travel to a little piece of Canada in the Caribbean.



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11 responses to “RMR: Turks and Caicos

  1. TofKW

    Like many I suppose, I’d love to travel to a little piece of Canada in the Caribbean.

    Hey, I’d love to fly some place in the Caribbean without the need of a passport, and the customary 3rd degree questioning by the customs & irritations squad upon my return.

    Simple answer was the cost involved with us taking on the T&C islands as a territory (there are constitutional issues it would open up should the T&C be admitted as a full province – like NFLD in ’49). There are a number of wrinkles involved with immigration, banking, and health care also. By the way the issue is not dead, believe it or not there are some CPofC MPs still studying some sort of union.

  2. Well, I hope they can “think outside the box” a little bit and consider the idea. Maybe we can take the money we’re pissing away in Afghanistan and put it into this venture instead. 😉

  3. Customs & Irritations. Heh. Good one. That’s a keeper.

  4. toujoursdan

    Nova Scotia invited the T&C to become part of that province a few years ago. Not sure what happened after the vote but that was meant to get around the thorny issue of admitting it as a separate province.

    CBC: N.S. votes to invite Turks and Caicos to join it

  5. Let’s not make the Turks and Caicosians suffer under Stephen Harper.

  6. Ethan

    Good place to send off all the Self-servatives once they’re eligible to collect their six digit taxpayer-funded pensions and don’t care about politics anymore. At least the money will stay in Canada.

  7. Self-servatives… You guys are just brilliant today.

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  9. James

    apparently there was some concern over 1) the appearance of Canada having colonial intentions; and 2) that this might somehow fuel racism on the islands. I remember one high-profile attack on a Canadian who has an estate there and reports speculated that this was evidence of racial tension.

  10. TofKW

    I remember the colonialist concerns, but if I’m not mistaken the way around it was to admit the Turks and Caicos as a full territory. Population-wise that works out well, as the T&C Islands have around 30,000 citizens, which is about the same as each of the Yukon, Nunavut, or the NW Territories. It is much too small to be a province, plus there are the constitutional issues to that as I mentioned earlier. And toujoursdan brought up the other interesting idea, to admit the Turks & Caicos as islands of Nova Scotia …a long boat ride away, but hey! Again though, once they become a real part of Canada (and not just a colony) then their health care, education, banking and general infrastructure all have to be transformed to our national standards – so it becomes a question of money ultimately.

    As for the racial tensions, that’s the first I heard of this. That is not a dismissal of the problem, just I’m disappointed if it’s true.

  11. This is a subject close to my heart thanks, needed a few more images maybe.

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