Git-R-Done: Wasilla Style

Following in the dubious comedic footsteps of Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter, failed veep candidate, half-term governor, autobiographical “author” and Fox News “analyst” Sarah Palin demonstrates that she’s actually far less funny when intentionally trying to be so.

Update: “Bitter, childless loser” Stephane Miller weighs in on Palin’s performance as a stand-up comedian.



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7 responses to “Git-R-Done: Wasilla Style

  1. How were her numbers? I’ve seen O’Reilly on Letterman, but I couldn’t watch this. She’s just too pathetic, but “true americans” love her.

  2. jkg

    She is just as funny as Leno.

  3. Well, there’s a low bar to stumble over.

  4. Bob

    Hey Martin seen any ghosts lately?

  5. Bob

    Off the meds Martin?

  6. MaryL

    I’m not a bike snob, but I try to buy relatively cheap bikes that are still reasonable quality. For example, a scruffy old Mongoose mountain bike I got off Craigslist for $200 makes a reliable city bike for me. Sure, I could have gone to Canadian Tire to buy something shiny and new for $200-300, but that wouldn’t be a bike. It would be a bike-shaped object.

    That wasn’t a monologue. That was a monologue-shaped object.

  7. counter-coulter

    Stay classy Bob, stay classy.

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