Young Conservatives

Rising future “superstars” of the conservative movement strutting their stuff at the 2010 CPAC Convention.

Be afraid… be very afraid. We thought the worst of the worst had been realized in the wake of the “Reagan revolution” and the vulgar assortment of evangelical nutters that opportunistically surfed to political dominance over the last few decades, but the fanatical right-wing ideologues and cranky zealots now waiting in the wings and being teed-up for the next-gen leadership of this fascistic movement are even more frightening than their predecessors.

20 Replies to “Young Conservatives”

  1. At 21 years old he is already behaving like a grumpy old man.

    I blame television…

    Amazing. One year of Obama and already they are talking like the country has capsized and it will take all their might to right the ship.

    Good grief, have they been asleep for the last 8 years?

  2. Perhaps he could make a list of “canstitutional rats” he has lost since the Washington Liberals took power.

    No, of course not. They never get specific.

    Also, what’s with his upper teeth?

  3. When Bush won, did the Democrats react this way? (I really do not follow US politics).

    It looks like they believe they are entitled to lead the country, and that when another party is in the Whitehouse that party is standing in the way of the “natural governing party”.

  4. First off, he’s from Alabama.

    * I don’t think the progeny of first cousins will ever go that far, ultimately. I have to take that as an article of faith;

    Secondly, “conservative revolution” is an oxymoron – or at least should be;

    * Philisophically-speaking, these people are clueless – maybe even beyond clueless;

    Finally. I do not understand how these people will one day “rule the world”.

    * Even if one of them becomes President of the United States, that hardly makes them “Ruler of the Globe.”

    If anyone here has any understanding of philosophy & history, then you will understand that this 3:50 snippet of wisdom drips of fascist rhetoric.

    And that my friends, is NOT hyperbolic – at all.

    People like this are really beyond help. If you haven’t already, I highly recommend that you read Christopher Hedges’:

    “American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War on America” (ISBN 0743284437)

  5. If anyone here has any understanding of philosophy & history, then you will understand that this 3:50 snippet of wisdom drips of fascist rhetoric

    Despite something as obvious as this, the Jonah Goldberg automatons will still think “liberal fascism” is still rampant.

    I do have to say though; I always find that the talk of the constitution by the likes of Greg so definitive, as if though they have deep insight. I suppose that can happen if you were a literalist, but this talk just seems more like rhetorical device to hand wave away anything remotely different in terms of point of view.

    This vocabulary though tends to use the constitution as means of making the case that American has become decadent and ‘lost its way,’ which in and of itself, is an attitude that can be associated with fascistic thinking.

  6. I find Americans’ almost sacred reverence for their Constitution quite puzzling. It’s by no means a perfect document (hence all of the amendments down through the years) and even today the SCOTUS justices can’t agree on how it should properly be interpreted.

    I suspect much of this piety isn’t dissimilar from that which they regard the Bible. Most of them haven’t even bothered to read it and don’t really have a clue what they’re talking about.

  7. What’s ironic is that Alabama has benefitted more from “big government” largess than many other states. Without “big government” they would be a heck of a lot poorer.

    In Canadian parlance they are a “have not” state which is propped up by the “have” states of New York, New Jersey, most of New England, Illinois, California and the Pacific Northwest.

  8. RT: No need for puzzlement. Quite simply, we here in the States view our Constitution as the embodiment of our freedoms. As the written expression of our beliefs as a nation and our most important founding document. Yes, it’s constantly under scrutiny and revision; yes, there are those who try to manipulate for their own means (think 18th ammendment), but that’s the natural evolution of a living document.

    Rural Sandi: I believe the “they” Will was refering to are those “values voters” who tend to vote heavy Republican.

  9. Probably everyone’s seen this, but it really does sum up the rightwingnut American conservative movement …hope this code works

    I’m just waiting for these types to chime in here and edjumacate me on how the right is always on the side of freedom, and the fascists are socialists including Hitler and Mussolini.

  10. I’m just waiting for these types to chime in here and edjumacate me on how the right is always on the side of freedom, and the fascists are socialists including Hitler and Mussolini.

    If memory serves, there was such an instance that occurred quite some time ago.

  11. Ok. First comment. I’m less cynical about the U.S. constitution. I think it’s an historical document in WORLD history, and the intent and effort it contemplates to control tyranny of government and the majority makes it still an admirable document.

    However, I always find it ironic when the Republicans in the U.S. suggest that we should be concerned over respect for that Constitution, considering, over the last few decades, they brought us:

    a) Ronald Reagan, Bush Sr., and Oliver North – running rampant over the constitution of the U.S. by facilitating sale of weapons to Iran to fund an illegal war in El Salvador;

    b) Richard M. Nixon, G. Gordon Liddy, Charles Colson, John Dean, et al, again, running rampant over the constituion of the U.S. by breaking into opposition party offices, and seeking to violate the fundamentals of a free democratic process

    c) G.W. Bush, Dick Cheney and friends, misleading the U.S. people regarding Iraq and running rampant over the constitution of the U.S. regarding civil liberties;

    Talk about brass balls.

    That being said.. neither the right nor the left has any exclusive ownership over the potential towards fascism. Fascism can grow from the right (see Bush and Bush II), and it can also grow from the left (the original fascist, Mussolini initially grabbed his power base as a socialist).

    Fascism = I am in control, because no one else can be trusted to be in control.

  12. I think the Westminster System has proven to be far superior to the US Consititution. More countries – most of them the most stable in the world – certainly seem to adhere to it … and prosper through it.

  13. “Are you happy, T ofKW.. we can now argue over the “true” owership of the franchise towards fascism.”

    Actually no arguments from me Rob as I’ve already stated this a couple of different ways a while back in this thread.

    And you are correct jkg – that instance was from that thread. Any swing hard-left or hard-right ends the same way, authoritarian government and the associated loss of civil liberties. In those posts I was attempting to educate our infrequent US wingnuts Drake and Guzzeuntite about this, however they kept maintaining Hitler was a socialist due to the name ‘national socialism’ and some vague sentences in the Nazi party’s constitution. The facts that the German business community threw their full support behind him to stifle the German communist movement, that no wealth-redistribution occurred under the Nazis (well except for stealing Jewish property), and the Nazi “Charter of Labour” gave the employers complete power over their workers (but of course everything and everybody was subject to the frequent orders of the ruling Nazi elite).

    As to why these young folksy-fascists in the GOP are trying to re-write history, my own thoughts are that their strong belief in patriotism and a robust military … which when taken to their logical end … become Hitler’s warring nationalism. This association being an embarrassment, to deflect such criticism the US rightwingnuts came up with this counter-attack of claiming that Hitler was a socialist.

    It is difficult to nail down what type of philosophy fascism falls under, as it can be approached from different ends of the political spectrum. Indeed fascists themselves called it a ‘third way’ back when their movement was in vogue. However the common features include the following; an argument that the nation requires strong central leadership to counter a perceived evil (be it real or imagined), a required loss of civil liberties in order to ‘fight outside threats’, and beefed up military and internal police forces in order to commit violence and wage war to keep the nation strong.

    Fascist states still have working supreme courts and even elections, so I’m not sure anyone within the US conservative movement realized that America had become a proto-fascist nation under the Bush Jr. government. Since 2008 there are moves away from this, but if another major terrorist attack occurs on US soil (regardless of Obama’s presidency) I think that may be the tipping point.

  14. Fascism is a third way in that it rejects the tradition and moderation that conservatives used to stand for; and attracts those who want radical change – another thing “conservatives” used to oppose. Fascism wraps this all-up in a nationalist package, and nationalism was the thing Hitler used to tie-up the traditional right in Germany.

    Nationalists, anarchists, militarists, corporatists, and socialists were all attracted to Nazism. The business community came to support them out of fear and through the promise of bringing the Unions into line.

    Only a sliver of Monarchists, traditional Conservatives, Classical Liberals, Socialists and Unionists opposed Hitlerism. Unfortunately, there were not enough of them.

    One of my personal heroes is a man called Dietrich Bonhoeffer. If you don’t know who he was, Google his name …

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