Bill Hicks: Last Words

A tribute to Bill Hicks: “I left in love, in laughter, and in truth and wherever truth, love and laughter abide, I am there in spirit…”



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9 responses to “Bill Hicks: Last Words

  1. counter-coulter

    I’m not a believer in this kind of canonization, and I don’t think Hicks believed in it either, but I did love his material. He did posess that kind of razor-sharp wit that could cut right through the bullshit.

  2. Quite so, but he might have appreciated the irony.

  3. jkg

    The eeriness of Hicks’ material is that it is was so prophetic and paralleled so much of what went on so far in the 21st century. If you isolate some of his stuff, you would swear he was talking about post 9/11 America. I suppose the old saying goes, “history doesn’t repeat, but it sure rhymes.”

    His voice is sorely missed. He was able to channel the disillusionment with the neo-conservative establishment during this time, and he was able to really reach his audience with his free thinking. His time certainly stands in stark contrast with the fact that the neo-conservative establishment has reasserted itself following 9/11 such that many people have been swayed to the right, no matter neo-liberal and radical it is. Demographers have commented on how something like 9/11 can veritably alter the zeitgeist of an entire generation, and while we may have experienced some similar ills of the eighties and nineties, it has resulted in more popularization and galvanization of the right. The Bill Hicks of our time has been largely marginalized unfortunately.

    Oh, and Red, I find it also eerily coincidental that just this evening, I was watching that very youtube video, and behold, it is up here on your blog. What is that old saying, great minds think alike (and fools seldom differ?) 😉

  4. I didn’t know of Hicks during his time — he was a late discovery in life for me. But I wish I had because he exemplifies the subversive, iconoclastic kind of attitude that I’ve always admired. And yes, how prophetic… Since 9/11 we’ve “let the demons run amok” and been hypnotized by fear.


  6. jkg

    Well, the nineties had Kurt Cobain.

  7. Goatboy

    Can’t wait for the movie.Opens tomorrow in the US.I grew up watching Bill on Just For Laughs in the 80’s in England.He’s sorely missed.The likes of Doug Stanhope still keep the Libertarian torch burning fortunately.But even Stanhope’s become really jaded of late.Saw him in Liverpool on Wednesday, very funny guy.

  8. My Dad was a Bill Hicks and my Son is a Bill Hicks. Bill Hicks the Comedian was cut of the same coth as Lenny Bruce and George Carlin. Is there anyone like him out there? Can the extremely superficial American culture even tolerate someone like this anymore ?

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