Fox News Trashes the Olympics

An excerpt from today’s “Highs and Lows” segment on the Fox News show Political Grapevine that featured absolutely no “highs” whatsoever and an extensive litany of “lows” about the 2010 Vancouver Olympics — how typically “fair and balanced”…

But then the NYT’s take on the event hasn’t been much better. Imagine instead of a bit of unseasonable weather and some technical glitches if we’d had a terrorist bombing.


15 Replies to “Fox News Trashes the Olympics”

  1. As a long track speed skating fan, using a unproven “green” Zamboni’ was a disaster. They messed up the men’s 500 m. I as as a Canadian knowing that my Dutch relatives stayed up to watch had me embarrassed.

    However, nothing was worse then Olympic officials blaming the athlete from Georgia for his own death. Fox was too kind in describing that incident.

  2. I’m not only embarrassed, I’m disgusted! Nothing the Foxlets have been saying differs from what the Vancouver water cooler conversations have already worked over. Check what the local media have been saying.

    But friends of mine, I’m happy to report, went back to the cauldron tonight and were now able to get within 50ft of it. VANOC has moved the chain link fence closer, taken down the no trespassing signs that blocked the view and even cut some holes in the fence where cameras can be inserted….

    That was after they had scored tickets to see Maelle Ricker get her gold medal – on a TV in BC Place.

    What a bunch of assholes. Not just blaming the kid for killing himself, but whining that it had never occurred to anyone at VANOC that people might actually want to see the cauldron up close and be photographed in the vicinity, and whinge that at other Olympics the torches were high off the ground…. and more.

    Fox were charitable.

  3. Penny — I have to admit that the fencing around the cauldron was a pretty dumb move. They should have allowed complete access to it. If by chance some disgruntled anarchists wanted to try and blow it up or whatever… well, good luck with that. All that would have been required to protect it was a few alert cops on guard that would have quickly thwarted any such efforts.

  4. I think they’re blaming Canada for blaming the Georgian guy that died, but it was the “Interntional” Olympic Committee – not VANOC. Correct me if I’m wrong.

    I’m trying very hard to defend B. C. It’s suppose to be all about Canada, being proud and all that good stuff, meanwhile, Allan Fotheringham wrote a scathing article in Toronto Star about how horrible Ontario is and how everyone hates Toronto and Ontario (he, rightfully so, was bragging about how beautiful B.C. is). The commenters from the west on various articles saying Canada should be rid of Ontario and Quebec, etc. Then, of course, no one is saying much, but many feel that Ontario was totally left out of the opening ceremony (wouldn’t have time with all the time spent watching that woman on high wire go over the prairie grass for ever and ever).

    Anyway, I’ll still try to defend you guys, even though you hate us so much. My mom was born in Vancouver so I have it in my blood.

    You might save face if the glitches stop for the rest of the events – let’s hope so.

  5. Whooee! Support the troops! Support the Olympics! If you don’t bow down and worship every action of either, no matter how misdirected or doomed to failure, you’ll be labeled as an unpatriotic Canada-hater. Jingoism has triumphed. My country, right or wrong.


  6. I’m enjoying the Olympics. Enjoyed the opening ceremonies. Enjoying the events. My friends say they’re all enjoying the atmosphere. I chuckle at the screw ups and get back to watching sports.

    For the record, I don’t blame any outside body for the death of someone whose past-time involves sliding down a sheet of ice at 150km/h. And Sandi is absolutely right, the idea that VANOC officials personally designed, or know anything about the design, of a sliding track is insane. The design and construction were contracted out to experienced engineers and the track was certified by the ILF. I’m not sure what the track designers are expected to say when they’re being accused of murder other than to point out that it was indeed human error in a very dangerous sport.

  7. His article wasn’t that bad. Though anyone who campaigned against a freeway in Vancouver should be shot. I mean really, when you get away from the water, the city itself isn’t what I would call pretty. Vancouver impresses because of its natural beauty, not because of creative use of concrete and glass. I don’t know how much aesthetic damage would have been done to the outskirts of Vancouver by a freeway!

  8. Sandi — There’s a certain amount of anti-Ontario sentiment here in B.C., but it’s not quite as virulent or hostile as that which exists in Alberta. To many people living here, everything east of the Rockies is terra incognito and while we’re part of Canada, more of our mental focus tends to be centered around the Pacific Northwest and in a wider sense, the Pacific Rim. And then there’s the parochial subdivisions of B.C. that divide the island from the mainland, or the interior of the province from the coast, the north from the south, etc. In my experience, Ontario has similar kinds of attitudinal differences depending on where you happen to live…

  9. We’re used to anti-Ontario sentiment, but it’s the vile comments that are disturbing.

    We can take a punch. A little stupid to think the Olympics are pointing out that we are proud Canadians. Proud but hate each other it seems. Sick isn’t it?

    Anyway, other than the glitches I think B.C. has done a wonderful job.

    Not the worst Olympics ever either.

    How soon we forget – Munich

  10. Sandi — A little stupid to think the Olympics are pointing out that we are proud Canadians. Proud but hate each other it seems. Sick isn’t it?

    It’s family thing… You know, kind of a bickering, love-hate relationship, but at the end of the day we are all quite proud and happy to be Canadians.

  11. It goes without saying that comments sections aren’t representative of the general Canadian population. Very few Canadians dwell on how much they dislike other Canadians. If the comments at the Globe or the CBC were indicative of the general mood of the country, I’d never go outside.

  12. Yeah, no kidding. They’re often quite scary. Ditto with the comments on YouTube videos. Yikes!!!

    Here of course we have eminently reasonable discourse most of the time. 😉

  13. Here of course we have eminently reasonable discourse most of the time.

    Right as rain, Red. I can’t hardly remember the last time I offered up a JimBobby-flavoured knuckle samwitch. 😉

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