Barking Mad

Glenn Beck reacts in theatrical fashion to Joe Biden’s risible claim that stimulus spending hasn’t resulted in any significant fraud or abuse.

Of course, when umpteen billions of dollars are involved in any kind of spending program — whether it be sponsored by the government or the private sector — there’s inevitably bound to be a certain amount of waste, corruption, graft and abuse; hey, it’s just human nature, after all. But is it really fair to trash the putative aims of such initiatives on that basis alone, or to dismiss the ends because the means of achieving them were less than sanitary in nature?

2 Replies to “Barking Mad”

  1. What else do you expect from a bunch of nihilists. Given their druthers, they’d have preferred another great depression than give Obama any credit for pulling it back from the brink.

    Of course that doesn’t stop them from trying to take credit for any stimulus money that made it in to their own coffers. When they’re back in their own district they couldn’t line up fast enough to pose for photo-ops with over-sized checks.

  2. I think “nihilists” is a fairly good description of these folks. I don’t see anything positive coming from that direction — it’s all about their resentment, grievances and hatred.

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