Fox News Trashes the Olympics

An excerpt from today’s “Highs and Lows” segment on the Fox News show Political Grapevine that featured absolutely no “highs” whatsoever and an extensive litany of “lows” about the 2010 Vancouver Olympics — how typically “fair and balanced”…

But then the NYT’s take on the event hasn’t been much better. Imagine instead of a bit of unseasonable weather and some technical glitches if we’d had a terrorist bombing.

Barking Mad

Glenn Beck reacts in theatrical fashion to Joe Biden’s risible claim that stimulus spending hasn’t resulted in any significant fraud or abuse.

Of course, when umpteen billions of dollars are involved in any kind of spending program — whether it be sponsored by the government or the private sector — there’s inevitably bound to be a certain amount of waste, corruption, graft and abuse; hey, it’s just human nature, after all. But is it really fair to trash the putative aims of such initiatives on that basis alone, or to dismiss the ends because the means of achieving them were less than sanitary in nature?