Hokey Night in Canada

So the Dear Leader scored a loving cameo on NBC’s Today Show thereby causing the easily flappable Jane Taber to ecstatically cream herself. “Michael Ignatieff might get a billboard in Times Square posing with Barack Obama but Stephen Harper just got a little face time on one of America’s most popular morning shows,” the Taberbot gushed.

“The Prime Minister loves this game so much, he’s even writing a book about it,” enthused NBC correspondent Kevin Tibbles. Yeah… right. Whatever.



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21 responses to “Hokey Night in Canada

  1. benalbanach

    If the national sport was ballet he’d wear a tutu….anything…to be seen….and liked…..before the next election.

  2. I’d love to meet the people that will vote for Harper because they saw him on the Today Show… preferably while I was behind the wheel.

  3. Feyenoord

    Harper writing a book on hockey, how Canadian.
    Ignatieff’s image blownup in Times Square, how American.

  4. No, Canadians play hockey, they don’t write books about it.

    And what would appearing on the Today Show be? Canadian as apple pie I assume.

  5. Feyenoord

    @ Shiner. Regarding hockey books, try telling that to Bruce Dowbiggin, Stephen Brunt, or the late Scott Young and Roch Carrier.

    Appearing on the Today show and explaing to Americans how important our game is, well indeed Canadian.
    Going on CSPAN telling Americans “its your country as it is mine” is, well, indeed American.

  6. Tomm


    Good taste in posts. Canada is getting some interesting mixed press this week.

    I totally agree about Jane Tabor.

    Which School of Journalism did she obtain her credentials from anyway?

  7. Gayle

    You can always tell when Harper gets desperate with the polling numbers. That is when he starts marketing himself as Joe Canadian.

    I certainly hope he had a cup of Tim’s in his hand while discussing hockey at the arena. If he didn’t, he just is not patriotic.

    Anyway, why does he have time to watch hockey anyway. I thought he was recalibrating…

  8. Tomm


    You don’t need to hyper-critical. He’s a politician. He is telling us one of the ways he defines his country. We’re all different.

    Perhaps you like Starbucks and art galleries…

    or maybe concession coffee at the soccer centre.

  9. Harper’s prop – hockey is like Bush’s prop – the ranch.

    Bush was afraid of horses, had no cattle and lots of brush to clear for photo-ops. You know, the regular guy. When he left office he buys a house in the city and prepares to sell the ranch.

    Harper (according to Deb Grey) had absolutely no interest in hockey when he worked for her.

    It’s a Republican image thing.

  10. sapphireandsteel

    What the hell is wrong with art galleries Tomm? Too many hard words on the signs and they require you to behave with manners?

    Cripes you are such a redneck elitist sometimes.

  11. Tomm


    I like galleries. I was at the Art Gallery of Alberta last week for its grand opening.

    Just indicating that everybody has different ways they relate. Ignatieff has different Canadian markers than Harper.

    To criticize Harper for his cultural habits being made public, is just as insulting as to criticize somebody else for theirs.

    Did you think it was fair when Ignatieff was criticized for his choice of reading material (i.e. “new” translation of War and Peace)?

    Neither did I.


    I think you are right. Each politician will have only so many “sets” with the public, before the public gets confused on their personna, or perhaps this is how the image makers images plan it.

    So they stick to what the public is comfortable with. We all have pictures in our head of our politician’s, and what they do to relax during their down time. These images are given to us.

  12. Gayle

    Tomm – Harper is pandering. Plain and simple.

    He is doing it because he sees he is in trouble, and probably still wants an election in March so he desperately needs to paint himself as a good old boy.

    Not that it is at all relevant, but I happen to like art galleries, museums, movies, books, the CFL and last, but certainly not least, my beloved and beleaguered Oilers. I bet I know more about hockey than Harper.

  13. Ray

    It may not be a good wager to claim that you know more about hockey than Harper, but you can have a guaranteed money maker by claiming that you do know more about hockey than Ignatieff.

  14. Gayle

    Maybe, but Ignatieff knows more about international relations than I do.

    I would not say the same about Harper.

  15. A lot of people know about hockey – not a lot of people know about international issues.

    I’d hate to think that the only thing identifying Canada is hockey.

    Good grief

  16. Special Ed

    Whenever i think of Secret Steve’s little hockey book story, I can’t help but think of this:

  17. I don’t fault Harper for rattling on about his love of hockey. In fact, it would be nice to see him and other Conservative MPs get out there and play a little shinny… Maybe with an opposing team made up of the Libs/NDP and Bloc. I’d pay good money to watch that.

    In fact, rather than the obligatory “debate” prior to each election, I propose that we throw the leadership hopefuls on the ice to battle it out.

  18. Tomm — Canada is getting some interesting mixed press this week.

    Kind of inevitable, I guess. The press doesn’t care much for “feel good” stories, except as an addendum to their usual litany of horror, violence, crime, and general misery.

    Despite all of its flaws, it’s nice to see Vancouver and this part of the world put on the map in a way that it couldn’t have been otherwise. I wish they’d spread the events out a little more though. We could have hosted curling here in Victoria, for example. Some of the ski events might have been better off at Mt. Washington…

  19. Have you not made it over to the mainland at all Red? Sounds like you’re missing quite the party!

  20. Nah. It would be an enormous hassle to get over there. Usually is at the best of times — three buses, ferry ride, several more buses, etc. Takes the better part of a day for a lowly pleb like me to make it to the mainland. Then of course the ridiculously expensive proposition of finding some place to kip for the night. No… I’m quite content to just turn on my TV and tune into the events now and again.

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