Defeat The World!

Maybe we should have adopted that as the slogan for our national team’s objective, rather than “Dominate the Podium”…

Anyway, trust the astute marketing mind of Stephen Colbert to come up with a unique way to not only both mock and celebrate the Olympics at the same time, but to successfully exploit the event: first with his sponsorship of the USA speed-skating team (including a role as an “assistant sports psychologist”); then getting made an NBC sports correspondent; and now, an official poster co-created with renowned Obama propagandist Shepard Fairey.

Too bad most everything else about the games (aside from the competition itself, of course) sucks fake snow and ice.

Speaking of which, Rex Murphy’s column the other day from his new roost at the National Post neatly sums up the patronizing “flood of tosh” we can expect to be hearing from the American media about our huge (but amazingly underpopulated) country over the next few weeks.


14 Replies to “Defeat The World!”

  1. That Times article is absurd. To their credit, NBC was incredibly good-natured in their coverage last night (thought I was watching CTV during the unfortunate cauldron raising) and all the Americans I’ve seen interviewed were having a grand time.

  2. Funny thing is that I have been switching back and forth between the NBC coverage and the Canadian coverage of the Olympics. To their credit, NBC has actually featured more coverage of the Canadians in the luge event. In fact, CTV has covered none of them surprisingly. Still, when I was listening to them commenting on Apolo Ohno’s win and Kearny’s win, it was full of Americana we all “know and love.”

  3. Sandi, I’d take the ads over the godawful filler. Those MuchMusic VJs are cringeworthy, my God that channel has fallen a long way in a decade. Darren Jones, however, is a real bright spot. Funny guy.

  4. I suspect CBC coverage would have been more satisfying. I’ve tried watching CTV’s efforts, but always end up drifting off to other channels.

    NBC is a little frustrating because of the time-delay. Not much mystery when everything is being programmed for EST and you already know the results hours ahead of time.

  5. jkg, I haven’t tuned in to Much in 10 years. No, I’m talking about the cameos the VJs make on Canada AM and the rest of the CTV coverage. Specifically, body shots at the bottom of Whistler, and a jaw-dropping interview with an athlete’s significant other about Valentine’s Day that had me scrambling for my remote.

  6. This exchange from the VJs just now about a Cindy Crawford encounter in Vancouver:

    VJ1: How old is she?
    VJ2: Timeless.
    Lainey: Here bio says she was born in 1966.
    VJ1: So how old is shre?
    VJ2: I don’t know, I’m not good at math.

    The future ladies and gentlemen.

  7. VJs making cameos on CTV? They are really throwing everything at this coverage. I actually watched a bit of the Muchmusic out of curiosity of how the party was going on in Whistler. Listening to them made me wonder just why I ever watched that music channel when I was young in the first place.

    Speaking of Australia, Bolideau beat Begg-Smith in the moguls, the Canadian born turned Aussie. I have to admit I was somewhat jubilant. I have no problem people leaving Canada to pursue other interests, but he was so unsportsmanlike that he couldn’t even congratulate Bolideau (though his demeanour earned him the title of “Ice Man” back in Australia). Moreover, Begg-Smith left Canada because he did not want to give up making so much money from his business for skiing; he wanted both. This story sort stands in stark contrast to the life of Bolideau who gave up his first love, hockey for his family and dedicated his medal to his brother with cerebral palsy.

    Of course, the petulant whining started immediately with the Australians accusing the judges of inflating the numbers for Bolideau. Then, of course, some defending Begg-Smith, a self made millionaire using spam, do not like it when Canadians are testy towards disrespectful ex-pats . His point about CTV is well taken, but the rest is just nonsense. I had no idea Begg-Smith is comparable to Igali, you know, the Olympian who had to claim refugee status to come from Nigeria.

  8. I don’t know that I agree with his point regarding CTV, I don’t think they’ve been unfair to Begg-Smith. They’re interested by him and have made it clear that they’d like to talk to him, but the fact remains that the guy is, well, a jerk.

  9. I guess I should have said that in general, the CTV coverage has not been up to par, but yes, in this instance, I think it is just petulant whining from an Australian ex pat.

  10. i always watch the american coverage when there’s “Canadiana” involved.

    It’s like being a fly on the wall when someone’s talking about you.

    And i can’t fault the American coverage for being the sort we all “know and love”.

    I’ve watched enough Canadian Olympic content to suffer through the championship reaction from the talking heads for the Canadian who finished 86th………….but achieved a personal best time.

    Even after 6 years of french i couldn’t consistently congugate a verb, but i got the “participation” french badge from my elementary school.

    Same feeling.

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