Defeat The World!

Maybe we should have adopted that as the slogan for our national team’s objective, rather than “Dominate the Podium”…

Anyway, trust the astute marketing mind of Stephen Colbert to come up with a unique way to not only both mock and celebrate the Olympics at the same time, but to successfully exploit the event: first with his sponsorship of the USA speed-skating team (including a role as an “assistant sports psychologist”); then getting made an NBC sports correspondent; and now, an official poster co-created with renowned Obama propagandist Shepard Fairey.

Too bad most everything else about the games (aside from the competition itself, of course) sucks fake snow and ice.

Speaking of which, Rex Murphy’s column the other day from his new roost at the National Post neatly sums up the patronizing “flood of tosh” we can expect to be hearing from the American media about our huge (but amazingly underpopulated) country over the next few weeks.

Microchips of the Beast

Only in America could a bill be passed that prohibits the involuntary implantation of microchips in people on the basis that such devices might someday be used as the “mark of the beast” described in the Book of Revelation.

“My understanding — I’m not a theologian — but there’s a prophecy in the Bible that says you’ll have to receive a mark, or you can neither buy nor sell things in end times,” Virginia Republican Mark Cole said. “Some people think these computer chips might be that mark.”

The funniest part of that is the apparently deep concern of “some people” about possibly being unable to conduct commercial enterprises in the after-life.