Olympic Protest Screws Vets

Video of this morning’s brief standoff between about 200 protesters blockading Hastings Street and police at Vancouver’s Victory Square. After a several minutes of uncertainty, the torch run was diverted to a contingency route nearby and the run resumed.

I couldn’t help but feel more than a little sorry for the veterans that had gathered (complete with a pipe band) for a special ceremony to express their patriotism and honour the flame between runners, but never got to actually experience the event. To the very end they were so confident that the protesters would step aside out of respect…

Subsequently, one of the route’s previous runners brought her extinguished flame to the square and posed for pictures with the vets.

Updates: A celebratory “potcentric” view from nearby and a relentlessly negative foreign take on the protest from the folks at RT based on the fact-challenged “insight” of a correspondent Skiping in from Washington, D.C.

The Dear Leader Speaks

With ample time on his hands, Stephen Harper decided to address the B.C. Legislature yesterday to deliver a pep talk framed around the 2010 Olympics.