Opening of the B.C. Legislature

I had no idea we had such elaborate ceremony for when the legislature opens. As you can see it’s certainly not much of a crowd attraction. Too bad they don’t sit in the summer when the tourists could watch it.

Update: A handful of protesters gathering just an hour before Stephen Harper arrives to address the B.C. legislature.

Not a terribly impressive turnout. Where are all those anti-prorogation Facebookers?

Update2: Another one Campbell’s extremely useless press scrums as he enters caucus.

Update3: Harper and Campbell didn’t speak to reporters when they entered or left the chamber.



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6 responses to “Opening of the B.C. Legislature

  1. EM

    Very nice and traditional, all the bells and whistles.

    I’m looking forward to our PM’s speech today at your BC Legislature. It’s that’s opened, anyway. ;0)

  2. benalbanach

    Over at the O-Zone in Richmond;
    When Campbell says the Olympics will bring in $billions..Is that what they call the Ozone Liar ?

  3. O-Zone… That might well describe arts funding here in the province that’s going to drop from $47 million to a paltry $3 million in the next budget.

  4. sapphireandsteel

    EM, if you get yourself a copy of a Harper speech and run it through some text to speech software (available free online) you can enjoy his soothing cybernetic tone at the click of a mouse.

  5. jkg

    I do have to admit Red; the opening ceremonies of your legislature are a lot more interesting than what I see at Queen’s Park.

  6. EM

    correction to my comment:
    It’s one that’s opened anyway.

    OOO! Soothing cybernetic tones from the Harp I can do without. ;0) I was expecting coverage of protests that I support but saw none on TV news.

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