Olympic Believers

Looks like there’s some genuine excitement building as the Olympic flame finally enters Vancouver…

Seems incredible that I went out and watched this thing travel through my neck of the woods on a sunny fall morning the day after it set off way back in October!



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3 responses to “Olympic Believers

  1. counter-coulter

    Cool. Now here’s hoping the weather gets a little colder in Vancouver so they’re not skiing in a slushy mess.

  2. Yeah, no kidding. Wish we could get some of that storm they experienced back east. Unfortunately there’s no much chance of that happening.

    Some sun would be appreciated too. It’s been overcast here for too long.

  3. benalbanach

    I’ve been beating myself up for not getting excited about this travelling flame. Went to the event in New Westminster and liked seeing all the different ethnic types all waving the Canadian flag….but the flame itself seemed…daft. It travelled to Richmond on Skytrain…That seemed even dafter ?
    Some people get quite emotional.
    Explain ?

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