Shed World

Impolitical wonders “what the wider reaction to this pavilion will be once it is opened on the weekend”… Many words come to mind — none of them favourable.

Just for fun, here’s a picture of the Canadian pavilion erected at the Panama-Pacific International Exposition in San Francisco circa 1915 built at a cost of $400,000 (approx. $6.5 million in today’s dollars by my rough estimate).

And here’s the Canadian pavilion that will be constructed for Expo 2010 in Shanghai, China. The cost of this baby is $45 million.

Pretty swank, wouldn’t you say? Meanwhile, Vancouver gets something that, as Rick Mercer said a while back, looks like an homage to the typical design of duty-free shops at the border.


23 Replies to “Shed World”

  1. It’s a perfect representation of everything Harperian. It’s bland, it’s ugly, it’s cheap, it was a last minute afterthought, it lacks any redeeming quality and it’s made in America. What could better exemplify “Uncle Joe” Harper?

  2. Quite the metaphor. But then, had the government built something elaborate and eye-popping, people would be complaining about the wasteful extravagance. Still, for $10.5 million you’d think they could have come up with something better than this minimalist pre-fab piece of shit.

  3. Google a few of the other national or provincial pavilions. Google the First Nations Four Hosts Pavilion.

    Harper’s shed should be considered a spit in the face.

    I emailed Gordon Campbell last week and suggested convening the Leg in this shed so Harper could stand in it while the network cameras rolled and the country could see this insult.

    Wanna bet whats inside? Interactive displays.

    Click here to hear the story of the beaver. Click here to see a moose. Click here for a towelette to wipe Harper’s spit off your face.

  4. Fern — Thanks. I didn’t include a link to Hume’s quite excellent piece because I wanted folks to trip on over to Impolitical’s place. 😉

  5. redtory has a point. Though in this case, it’s as if the government wasn’t concerned about costs, just as long as it didn’t look like they were throwing money around.

    Result: something that resembles the gardening annex at the local Home Depot.

  6. Dana — Click here to hear the story of the beaver. Click here to see a moose.

    LOL. Makes me think of Who’s Who in the Hinterland

    But, yeah; I’m sure it will be a lot of that kind of crap along with the sort of video presentations one sees at trade conventions.

  7. I can see the Parliament Buildings from my office and I often wonder, if Canada needed to do it all over again tomorrow, what would we end up with. My money says it wouldn’t be too much better than the Olympic Shed.

  8. Brian — I can’t but help but think that for $10.5 million (not a huge amount of money these days by any means, especially not in Vancouver where some houses go for that much, but still not entirely inconsiderable) a whole lot more imagination and effort could have gone into this little project. Maybe for that price they could have built something that could have been readily converted afterwards into affordable housing for a few hundred people. Or if not that, then just something more “fun” and less deathly dull. Perhaps something made of logs…

  9. “the Canadian pavilion erected at the Panama-Pacific International Exposition”

    it may look like stone, but it’s more likely built of lumber with a plaster exterior.


  10. KEv — Wow. That’s like something out of the “World of Tomorrow” or what Romulus looks like on Star Trek TNG.

    I got pulled once for jury duty when I lived in Calgary. Unfortunately our little group was considered “tainted” because the accused in question had been brought into the court room in shackles and leg irons and his defense attorney argued that seeing him that way would unfairly prejudice us…

    So then we listened to a 2 hr. argument about this point of contention and it was finally decided that a new group of jurors was required. Phew!

  11. Oh my!! I couldn’t stop shuddering when I saw the picture of our elustrious pavilion. Who is the architect? How much did it cost tax payers to set up this tractor shelter???

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