RMR: The Harper Misdirection Method

So effective, you’ll believe it yourself!

And seeing as we touched briefly on “literacy tests” and such yesterday, here’s a little civics lesson from Rick Mercer explaining “How Parliament Works” and what parliamentarians do:



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5 responses to “RMR: The Harper Misdirection Method

  1. All fun aside, I think Mercer’s bit should be shown in schools. People remember “fun” stuff better than dry stuff.

  2. Man that is funny! I wonder if these realizations are starting to resonate with more people? I also hope that when the Cons are ousted from office the party that takes their place will have learned something from all this and starts to take democracy more seriously.

  3. Tomm

    A little lame.

    Surely he could have thought of something a little less dripping in cynicism.

  4. jkg

    Well, Rick is known for his cynicism, but hey, it is now like the political culture avoids such things. Still, Rick at least admits it and is willing to show a little positive side:

  5. Tomm


    You’re right. He tried to say something nice.

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